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How to add a mediterranean interior design to your home

If you want your home to look like a summer holiday – look no further than Mediterranean interior design. A home that radiates simplicity and relaxation, and is in tune with nature, is one that we all desire, and this style can certainly fulfil all of these. Drawing from countries in northern Africa, western Asia and southern Europe, your home interior can encompass many unique features. From the aquatic colour palette of the Greek islands to Morocco’s radiant textiles bursting with colour – your interiors will be undeniably beautiful.

Take a look at our Mediterranean interior design ideas and explore the region without having to leave your home.

Whitewash or Colour Wash Your Walls

The Mediterranean aesthetic is characterised by simplicity and effortless style. The colour white dominates this style heavily. However, you can highlight this fresh and easy scheme with rich colour washes of your favourite Mediterranean tones. Think deep blues evocative of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, or earthy yellows reminiscent of the warming Mediterranean sunshine. Though, you should ensure that you keep white as the focal colour and add dashes of colour through feature walls or trims. Keeping in theme with white, consider the Iowa blind for an extra dash of elegance.

Indulge in Textures and Tiles

One of the most fundamental rules of Mediterranean interior design is to add depth and softness into an all-white colour scheme. The perfect way to achieve this is through soft furnishings. Go for handwoven statement rugs with slight hints of luscious colours or natural fibre rugs in jute options. Ensure you layer linen cushions in a lavish white living room in sun-kissed orange, citrus and ochre tones. This will establish those all-important visual layers within your lounge. Tiles are another fantastic way to incorporate texture and pattern into a Mediterranean living room.

Embrace Exposed Wood

Mediterranean interiors and their home décor are often personified by their application of exposed wood. Think rafters, beams, exposed mantles or shelves, left to naturally sparkle or dreamy home décor pieces like coffee tables, bowls, vessels, stools or side tables. Whatever you go for – your home will give off those Mediterranean easy breeze vibes. And don’t forget to pair the exposed wood with quirky, smaller antiques, neutral lightweight fabrics such as linen and tactical pops of colour (especially with tiles).

Be Versatile with Curtain Choice

There’s no such thing as a traditional Mediterranean curtain or blind, as the Mediterranean aesthetic is a versatile design concept. As a general rule of thumb however, it’s best to opt for light curtains that allow plenty of sun and air inside. We advise choosing oversized pieces, rich with colours and patterns or to customise your Mediterranean home interior with specific rings, rods or finals. The Matteo curtain, both brightly coloured and patterned, is the perfect final ingredient to tie together your Mediterranean space. However, remember that darker shades are more suitable for large and spacious rooms.

Get Playful with Mosaics

Mediterranean interior design wouldn’t be the same with a hint of mosaic in the home. For the creative people who know how to arrange tiles, big or small, inner and outer mosaics form the unique and exotic vibe of this design. Mosaics are a popular option for pool decks, mirrors, kitchen walls or hallways, when it comes to Mediterranean inspired homes. In fact, you can utilise mosaics in every corner of your home that needs a sprinkle of life and playfulness.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Mediterranean interior design ideas go beyond solely the indoors – your outside décor needs just as much attention. The Mediterranean look is all about bringing the outdoors and natural elements into your home, so there’s a prominence on making your patio even more coastal inspired. Set up a gathering space that looks as though it could’ve naturally always been there. Utilise materials like wood or wicker for your furniture, and stone or wood for flooring. And remember to keep your tones neutral and bright. Finish off by adding in some faux plants to make the space look lusher. Before you know it – you will have an outdoor oasis that will look and feel just like Santorini.

Focus on Accessories

Whilst larger pieces should follow the rule of minimalism, do add movement and shape through sculptures and vases. This is a great way to tell the story of the Mediterranean. Abstract sculptures made from wood, resin or clay, will enhance other natural materials used in the space. And they’ll almost look like souvenirs from gorgeous places off the coast of Europe – namely Greece, Italy or France. You can also introduce more colour and texture into the room with a painted table lamp or sculptural vase.

Don’t forget to bring in Mediterranean flare through China. Look for sets with sophisticated, rustic designs that incorporate Aegean blues or blue greens – perfectly evocative of the Mediterranean. And if you want to inject a little glam, don’t forget the gold, metal silverware.

Taking our Mediterranean interior design ideas and injecting them into your home will create your own personal utopia, with the region on your doorstep. Keep in mind that this look is more understated – always think soft, fresh and easy. Whether you choose to go all-out with Mediterranean textiles and patterns, or replicate the aesthetic subtly, it’s a stunning way to bring elegance to any space, along with a taste of life abroad.

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