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Traditional living room ideas for your home

Traditional interior design has long stood the test of time and the reason for that is all down to its versatile nature. When thinking of traditional décor, your mind may instantly spring to all things old and ancient. However, the word can actually mean a variety of things, from the classic flamboyance of the Regency era, as well as Cottagecore and Mid-century designs. That’s the beauty of traditional living room ideas – the design opportunities are almost endless. Tasteful shapes, sophisticated textiles and a charmingly predictable sense of harmony make the traditional aesthetic one that is always warm and inviting. Find your picture-perfect look with our pick of the best traditional living room ideas.

Please with Symmetry

When it comes to traditional interior design – symmetry is one of the key traits. Plus, it makes for a room that’s also extremely easy on the eye.

Get the traditional aesthetic by using a pair of noteworthy bookshelves, mirrors or uniquely framed portraits. Our top tip here is to place them opposite each other to evoke a delightful sense of balance in your living space. Other ways of creating symmetry include incorporating in lamps or throw cushions. Remember though – don’t go overboard with these. Not everything requires pairing up in your living room, otherwise you will end up with a room that looks too overplayed – and no one wants that!

Make a Statement with Period Elements

Traditional décor is usually warm, welcoming and informal by nature. After all, there is nothing more inviting than an open fire crackling away in a period chimneypiece. If your home doesn’t already have a fireplace, why not consider a fake version fitted? There are many on the market that look just as convincing as the real deal. As well as being able to mimic authenticity well, they also allow you to customise the details to suit the room.

If you are fortunate enough to have original floorboards in your living room – don’t bury them away under a carpet – they deserve to be shown off! A quick polish will give you squeaky clean floorboards that are shiny and pleasing on the eye. Add accessories such as a cosy wool rug in a traditional design to spruce up the floorboards even more.

Traditional living room ideas typically boast a mixture of dark hardwood furniture, antique pieces and classic sofas. Mahogany, walnut and oak are all timeless finishes when it comes to lounge furniture. Although, you can create the worn, aged look yourself for a vintage effect if you are a DIY connoisseur. When it comes to sofas, we recommend going for a classic shape. For instance, a Chesterfield sofa embodies traditional design perfectly, and will pull the living room together. In terms of fabrics, leather is a popular traditional option. However, if that doesn’t suit your personal tastes, then why not go for a heritage material instead? A checked tweed sofa would work a treat in your living space. Consider adding in sofas and armchairs in different finishes, rather than co-ordinating materials. This way you will maintain an eclectic feel all around.

Elegant Paints

If you want to bring out the true elegance of the traditional aesthetic, go for darker but subdued paint colours. Or alternatively if you aren’t quite ready to fully commit to the dark paint movement, try painting one wall to just add a hint of drama.

A warm and inviting colour scheme suits more to the traditional design so if you are following the style religiously, pick warm neutrals, purples, reds and woodland greens. On the other hand, bright whites and cool grey hues can also establish a modest, simple and clean backdrop for your traditional furnishings.

On the topic of grey, it’s one of the most popular colours for any living room, however it does lend itself beautifully to traditional lounges. The understated and airy quality that the shade holds is essentially timeless. Throw in bursts of colour with wall décor, cushions and florals for an unmatched traditional aesthetic. The good news is that such accessories are also easy to switch up too every once in a while.

Go Wild with Clashing Patterns and Textiles

The beauty of traditional living room ideas is that they can be entirely individual and unique to you. You can push the boat out here as it doesn’t matter if nothing in the living room matches. The more colour, pattern and texture – the better! What better way to introduce this eclectic mix of colour and pattern than with the Florida curtain in the colour mimosa?

However, a general rule of thumb to follow is that if your walls and floors are covered in patterns then continue to maintain plain furniture. And vice versa – if you enjoy a chintzy sofa, resist the urge to also lay a flowery rug beneath it. Generally, 50% of your living room should consist of pattern, and the rest should be plain colour. Stick with the rules and your traditional living room will be the envy of all.

Spruce Up Your Windows

Bringing in traditional design through your window treatments is the perfect place to start for a grown-up appeal and charming elegance. Go for dramatic Austrian shades, floor to ceiling neutral-coloured drapes or decadent velvet curtains in deep jewel shades. The Allure velvet curtain in ruby red is the perfect choice for upholding traditions in your living room. After all, no traditional styled lounge is complete with bare windows! In addition, consider topping off window treatments with a boxed valance showcasing a Grecian key motif or embellished border. This will create the ultimate savvy traditional interior.

Fresh Twist on Traditional

One of the main characteristics of traditional design is elaborately carved furniture that evokes European elegance. Tufted upholstery can be cosy to relax in, however often ornate Victorian furnishings feel too intense and dark. That being said, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Why not put a fresh twist on the traditional aesthetic with rolled arm sofas and tufted chairs in sharp, ivory textiles for a lighter and more contemporary feel? A trestle coffee table or matching carved end tables also bring to life the traditional design in a lounge. Go even further and add to the traditional atmosphere with botanical prints on the wall. These intricate sketches will make the room come across both old school and trendy.

Traditional design has lived long after its trend faded out due to its eye for balance, magnificence and timeless details. You don’t need to haul in a huge rusty couch and dusty drapes to make a space feel traditional. A few thoughtful touches in a living room can establish that perfect blend of progressive sensibilities and everlasting style.

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