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Vintage living room ideas for your home

Every so often, we like to go back in time and reminisce on the old times. If you want to evoke memories of the past – what better way to do this than by infusing vintage elements into your living room? From the 1920s to the 1960s – vintage was extremely popular. It’s a retro design which uses old-fashioned décor, traditional furniture, layers of fabric and striking colours to bring to life charm from past eras. Chic and fashionable – take a look at our vintage living room ideas to transform your living space and make a lasting impression.

A Burst of Colour

More often than not – vintage living room ideas are linked to big and bold colours, intricate patterns and over the top design elements. Take inspiration from the colourful design of the 60s and 70s. When it comes to vintage, understated is a word far from its design vocabulary. Whilst this refreshingly rich look may not mesh with every living room and any given theme, it does feel natural and stylish when it’s done right. We recommend introducing a couple of classic chairs, a retro-styled coffee table and one or two vintage décor objects, for example an old TV and bicycle, to emphasise the vintage look. An entirely vintage-inspired living room can be a little overwhelming – but that’s the beauty of it!

Modern and Vintage Infusion

Whilst vintage may be appealing at present, it could be a matter of time before the interior design world casts them aside, making way for new trends. Of course – getting lumbered with a dated living room which requires a makeover is both pricey and inconvenient. To tackle – combine both modern and vintage elements together for subtle retro whilst keeping the overall theme mainly contemporary. You only need a couple of vintage accents for instance curtains and an old-style coffee table to create that touch of nostalgia. Nothing shouts retro more than the vintage stripe curtain in duck egg to introduce a little old-style charm into your living room.

The concept here is to create a living room which remains timeless and can be easily reworked as design trends come and go. Whilst moving out a few vintage chairs or replacing wall art is simple, if you dedicate to an exclusively vintage design, make sure you love it and would stick with it for seasons to come.

Cosy Vintage

If your living room is on the smaller side, a vintage aesthetic is perfect to make the most out of the space. Perhaps due to limited space – your living room and dining room are all in one too. Add in a sectional farmhouse dining table, as well as a small coffee table and watch how inviting and cosy the area becomes regardless of how small it is. Now you can enjoy the company of many friends and family without feeling cramped!

Spruce up the room with cream club chairs, a vibrant Persian rug and a stunning chrome pendant light – you will have retro and comfort all at the same time. We recommend finishing with wood accents such as wooden blinds and panelling for vintage charisma.

Retro Industrial

Get the industrial aesthetic on point with inspirational frames in black and white, and pop a wooden side table alongside an orange retro chair. Add in a long white sofa and a white blanket if you want to ramp up the vintage chic. An industrial floor lamp near the sofa is essential as well to master this look. Keep to timber as the main material within this vintage industrial style.

Shades of Scarlet

Vintage living room ideas come in many different shapes and forms so if red is one of your favourite colours – this one’s for you. You will be pleased to know we are a big fan of the shade when it comes to vintage design. Go ahead and redecorate your lounge in shades of scarlet for a striking vintage look. Incorporate in a red sofa with matching red silk pillows and curtains to add warmth to the space. A vintage floor lamp will look fantastic alongside a wooden cabinet here too.

Use antique and vintage textures in this room by layering neutral fur rugs over large Persian ones for a remarkable aesthetic experience. As well as this, we recommend placing knitted blankets in old woven baskets under Mid-Century Modern tables – trust us, you won’t regret it!

Timeless Vintage

A ceiling, sideboard and two-seater sofa in white gives off the elegant, classic vintage look. These elements will instantly make the space feel airy and open. Paint your walls in lilac here to bring a little femininity to the space. Add in artwork with golden frames to infuse a touch of glamour too. In addition to this – go for a beige carpet to create an inviting feel for guests.

A table lamp, wall sconce, oval-shaped ottoman and chandelier will add to the timeless appeal of your living room. Likewise, the Octavia purple floral curtain is a great way to jazz up any window whilst retaining retro beauty. Keeping with florals – throw in some flowery and striped cushions on the sofa to tie the space together.

Vintage has lots of room for other styles, and therefore there truly is something for everyone here. It doesn’t have to mean “old” – as the design incorporates luscious fabrics, welcoming colours and an original fusion of elements. So don’t be reluctant to give our fabulous vintage living room ideas a try – you will thank us for it one day.

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