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Continental interior design attracts much interest – and it's no surprise. After all, who wouldn’t want to soak up a different culture through their home’s design? Spruce up your abode with your favourite continental style so that you don’t have to ever suffer from wanderlust. An artful blend of worldly finds, earthy fabrics and exotic patterns – continental interiors are all about texture, culture and comfort. Whether you want to recreate far-flung destinations like Asia and Africa, or something closer to home like the charming islands of Greece – there is a ton of inspiration to get your started. Explore our continental interior design ideas to get your cultural fix without leaving the home.  

French Never Goes Out of Style 

It’s without doubt that French interior design is effortlessly chic. Nothing says French more than the style’s blend of vintage décor and soft hues – the quintessence of timeless sophistication. To emulate French design concepts into your home, consider decorating with paintings of ballet dancers and feminine ornaments to pay homage to the country. And if you want to give a nod to French Gothic architecture - don’t forget the vintage bird cases with a curved design to soften the look. 

In the magnificent city of Paris, nature and outdoor gardens can always be accessed on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, your home’s colour palette should reflect that of earthy tones to mimic the outdoor paradises of Paris. As well as this, a meticulous arrangement and thoughtful balance of objects not only establishes a visually pleasing atmosphere but a harmonious one too. For instance, adding twin lights at each side of a mirror will create this sought-after symmetry – tying the look together cohesively.  

Spanish Summertime 

Spanish interiors are covered with vibrant and rich Mediterranean shades from head to toe. With this colour palette, you’ll be transported to the Spanish seaside every morning and every night. So, go ahead and bring Spain’s summertime bliss into the bedroom by contrasting terracotta reds and yellows against blue bedlinen 

In the living room, when it comes to furnishings and ceramics, utilise rustic woods, seashell décor and warm hues to mimic that of a Spanish villa. For that extra special touch, place greenery around the room as well – Spanish interior design is the perfect excuse to bring the garden patio indoors. Greenery doesn’t just have to be in the form of plants either! The Dominica blind by Skinnydip combines bold leafy motifs – your Spanish summer holiday awaits you in a window dressing. To complete the look, don’t forget to add in patterned cushions in rich oranges, yellows and reds.  

A Taste of the Orient 

Oriental décor used in Chinese interior design is evocative of the country’s ancient history and culture. The colour palette represents old, traditional Chinese architecture, for instance temples and pagodas.  

When thinking of continental interior design, namely Chinese-inspired interiors, think pagoda-style lamps, a generous use of red and intricate hand-painted patterns. Incorporating gold accents through wallpaper, furniture and blinds will give the room in question a lavish flair. To tie the space together, dot oriental décor around it, for an unmatched and authentic feel.  

The American Dream 

American home design is all about open layouts, an absence of doors and partitions, and bright, lively colour schemes. Hanging vintage celebrity photographs on the wall, for instance the famed Marilyn Monroe, will emulate old Hollywood glamour. If you want to bring in an element of fun whilst creating captivating contrasts, incorporate touches of hot pink and blue against deep grey and green. Add in suitcase-style boxes if you want New York on your doorstep, as well as cactus plants and prints for a touch of Californian flair – and your American look is complete.   

An Ode to Italy 

When in Italy – you’ll witness a beautiful mix of majestic architecture and cosy coastal villages. Like Spain, and with Italy also being in the Mediterranean, the country has easy access to the ocean. To bring the picturesque Italian views to your doorstep, think light blues reminiscent of the sea, against neutral grey and tan hues. This colour palette will establish a rustic and laid-back aesthetic that works especially well in open-plan rooms to create space and movement. Don’t forget to spruce up the room in question with old paintings and candle decorations, on clean white cabinetry, for a traditional artisan design. You can finish this aesthetic off by pairing soft textures with natural wood finishes – keeping things light and breezy.  

Grecian Bliss 

Continental interior design where simplicity is key comes with Grecian style. When picturing the blissful Greek islands – it’s hard not to long for the same beauty in your own home. The clear blue skies and whitewashed walls that are synonymous with the country can be replicated in your interior design with symmetrical balance through shape, pattern and colour. A scheme of skies and sea blues and turquoise shades, paired with neutral and natural textured materials, will bring the island life to your home in no time. Look no further than the Voile curtain in teal if you want a Greek paradise on your doorstep. And don’t neglect flooring – use natural flooring and add in area rugs in purple stripe patterns for that traditional Greek feel.  

German Minimalism and Functionalism  

German interior design resembles urban architecture with its combination of neutral colour palettes, contemporary design and symmetry. If you desire minimalist and functional interiors that lead with quality – the German aesthetic is for you. Using clean lines and cool greys and blues will create a relaxed and well-considered space. Blocks of colour can be incorporated through rugs and artwork – this will help elevate the room in question. This aesthetic works particularly well in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, where minimal style fixtures reign supreme. Make sure to add plenty of warm lighting to the room as well. This will keep the ambiance of the space from coming across as uninviting. If you want to go a step further, spruce up the area with small ornaments for a homely feel like no other.  

Continental interior design can bring your dream holiday destination to your doorstep with no qualms. Whilst it may seem hard to put together due to the endless possibilities the interior style brings, our continental design inspirations will help you build your optimum blend of culture. Just remember to consider the colours, patterns and textures evocative of these amazing destinations and work your way from there. Before you know it, you’ll be basking in a home that embodies the beauty of culture all day, every day.  

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