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Orange living room ideas for your home

One of the most fun and zestiest colours to decorate your living room with – welcome orange into your life. Whether you want to add a cheerful boost to the space or make it cosy and inviting – orange does the job effortlessly. Set it against turquoise for a tropical, fruity vibe or a soft neutral to upgrade from traditional to modern. A clearly versatile shade, the things you can achieve with this colour are limitless, our orange living room ideas will definitely turn your head and inspire you. Invite this zesty hue into your living room and watch it transform into a confident and dynamic space.

Switch Up Halloween: Orange and Black

Who said the colours orange and black are only limited to spooky season? Switch up the classic Halloween palette and welcome these two contrasting shades into your living room. Offering you style and sophistication all year round, this timeless duo doesn’t deserve to be limited to only one day a year. The orange will add vibrancy whilst the black acts as definition in your living room to keep things classy.

If the combo is too much for you when it comes to your walls – utilise them through accents instead. Scatter in a few throw pillows in a flaming orange, a shiny black lampshade and a rug with orange and black patterns. Go a step further and energise your living room with the Satin curtain in a fierce orange.

Sea Life Meets Coral: Orange and Pink

Use pink and orange to create a beautiful coral paradise in your living room. Bringing everything evocative of tropical reefs and sunsets into the space – coral creates an exotic, playful and glamourous scheme. Ocean greens, turquoise, blue hues and pink tones are at your disposable here to create a living room that is pure bliss.

If you want spice up your living room – coral is a great shade to play around with for a Moroccan inspired space. Touches of Moroccan style will make the space completely unique to you. Combine the coral walls with a large ottoman in shades of rose, coral and deep red. These shades together create an intensity like no other – your living room will definitely become the centre of attention.

Sometimes a dash of coral is all it takes. It’s a very youthful and summery shade making it ideal for interior accents too. Go wild with feature walls, cushions, and blinds in this colour for stunning additions to your living room. The Willow Roman blind in coral will add both beauty as well as an air of tranquillity to the space. With a scheme like this – you, your family and friends will never want to step out of the living room!

Safari Inspired: Rusty Orange

Orange living room ideas are great if you like themes. It’s the perfect colour if you want to recreate Boho chic, especially designs that boast safari-inspired prints. Join the wild side and paint your living room in a rusty orange colour for the ultimate makeover. It’s certainly a versatile shade as it emphasises undertones of brown that bring to mind crunchy autumnal leaves and crackling fires. So apart from having a cool, Safari-inspired living room, you will also have a cosy space to kick back in all year. Rusty orange is an ideal way of adding a gender-neutral hue to a shared space like the living room.

Bold and Neutral: Orange and Grey

If you want to utilise orange with a neutral other than white or cream – grey tones are ideal. Pale grey, mid-grey and even the darker versions of grey all pair seamlessly with orange. However, keep in mind that it’s the cool-toned greys that deliver the most contrast to orange’s fiery nature.

Orange living room ideas that incorporate grey can utilise a 50/50 balance of each colour present in the space. For example – if art deco style is up your street, then this one is for you. Think – a magnificent burnt orange velvet sofa over a grey rug with an art deco mirrored coffee table next to it. This brings art deco and contemporary style together to create a unique space. If you want to bring an element of cosiness into this scheme – both orange and grey curtains can achieve this. Or if you can’t decide, why not mix the two? Our Verve curtain takes different shades of orange and grey to offer the best of both worlds.

A Softer Take: Peachy Orange

At the other end of the spectrum is one of orange’s softer hues – peach. Still sunny, still welcoming, but just a little calmer and more soothing. Peach and shades of apricot are a great way to bring cocooning colour to your lounge. Such tones, even when on walls, work fantastically to make your space feel the opposite of overpowered. If you fancy a trip to the Mediterranean – peach will certainly take you there. Or you can even travel back in time if you combine the shade with ivory and cream to evoke its vintage charm. Tie the look together with rich brown or black furniture and wooden décor for rustic comfort.

A Perfect Pairing: Orange and Red

Terracotta tones work fantastically if you want to go for a darker living room. This colour is one that will create a knock-out scheme if you go for it all on four walls. Just make sure to keep the ceiling and woodwork a bright, crisp white to establish a striking contrast to the warmer hues.

Why not be a little adventurous with terracotta tiled flooring in your living room? Apart from its visual perks, they also have practical benefits – getting your flooring squeaky clean is much easier than if you had carpet. The reddish tint in the tiles make it perfect for bringing to life Mediterranean, eclectic, shabby chic and rustic aesthetics. Add a little nature too through plants. Get rid of those plastic and concrete plant pots and move over to terracotta pots for a statement-making décor piece that has vintage allure too. To complete the look – pair terracotta-toned fabrics with wooden furnishings or woven décor pieces such as rugs, baskets, bowls and timber coffee tables.

If you have shied away from orange in the past – these orange living room ideas should inspire you to give it a chance. Whether you want to create a bright, energetic space or you want to bring a little zest in a more muted and minimalist way, orange is a versatile shade you should consider. Once you have your orange living room, you can look forward to lavishly lazy days, cosy nights in with loved ones and everlasting warmth.

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