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Inspirational space saving solutions for your stairs

Modern wooden staircase with storage under the third step

Image: thetinylife

Small stair landings are typically void spaces; put them to good use with a hidden storage box. The cupboard under the stairs is given a modern makeover with clever sliding storage units.

Light wooden stairs with lots of different drawers and storage cupboards

Image: reubenville

Use your stairs to the max by having each one hidden drawer space. Space saving casual bedroom on the stairs is a new take on a mezzanine. A wooden staircase with candles on different steps and a nook underneath for reading

Image: thetinylife

If you don’t need a cupboard under your stairs use it as a cosy reading/relaxation space. No where for your bikes? Use the space under the stairs to hang them - a great way to free up floor space as well. Another great way to maximise the space under the stairs. A cream and light wood dining room, with storage shelves under the stairs

Image: decoist

If you’re not pushed for storage don’t let the space under the stairs go unused - it’s a great place for shelving.

Need another downstairs cloakroom? Easy solution - turn the cupboard under the stairs into one! Beautiful wooden stairs with space underneath for media tech, lamp and vase

Image: dekorum

Keep your beloved hi-fi system out of harms way by placing it under the stairs. The space under the stairs is perfect for a small home office - just remember to give yourself plenty of lighting.

The ideal place for your widescreen TV without it dominating the room. Lavender hallway with four columns under the stairs for handing coats and bags

Image: homedit

Tidy up your hallway by putting neat storage spaces under the stairs.

A Wendy house under a staircase

Image: topsecretdeco

This space is perfect for making a play space for children. Your aquarium won’t get knocked over or bumped if you place in the recess under the stairs.

A dog and dog bed under a staircase

Image: petforums

Give your best friends some uninterrupted ‘me’ time.

A white room and white staircase with womens shoes displayed on each step

Image: nordicbliss

If you don’t have any storage space for shoes make a display of them on your stairs - very stylish.

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