Things to Consider When Buying a Rug for the Home

Buying a rug can be a very large expense indeed and so it is probably wise to consider carefully before making that final purchase. Although cost is only one of the considerations but it is probably one of the most important to many people.

Choosing a new rug might seem like a fairly simple task and for many people it will be just that, but for others the rug is more than just an addition to a room as it can be the final touch that gives that finished cohesive look and stylish feel to your décor. There are rugs available in an enormous range of styles and colours with choices in traditional Afghan hand-made right through to luxury wool, silk, cotton and hemp to man-made fabrics like rayon, polyester and mixtures of several synthetic materials combined.

The material you choose for your rug will have a direct bearing on the cost and the length of time it will last, as some materials are far more heard-wearing than others. Some rugs will need specialist cleaning and this too might well be something to consider before you buy.

As a general rule of thumb it is always best to buy the largest and most expensive rug that you can. There are several reasons for this, firstly a small rug can look 'lost' and ineffective in a room, whereas it is hard to have a rug that is too large, as long as there is a slight space around the edge of the room then your rug is not too big.

As for the cost, well for the most part the more you spend on your rug the better the quality will be and obviously the better the quality and finish the longer your rug will last. Costs of rugs can vary considerably from extremely expensive hand-made rugs to mass produced area rugs that can be placed in areas where perhaps longevity is not an issue.

That said then there will definitely be times when you will not want to spend too much on your rug, perhaps for a child’s room where the décor may well change considerably over the years as their tastes change, or for a hallway or passage way where heavy footfall may well mean that the life of your rug will be reduced considerably. In these areas perhaps a good quality cheap or mid priced rug will suffice as your rug can then be replaced periodically without too much cost involved.

Once you have decided on your budget then there are several other things to think about when buying rugs for the home. It is important to consider where your rug will be positioned and what you need your rug to do for you. Perhaps in a lounge you can opt for a large statement rug that brings a coordinated look and feel to your room and here a more expensive rug might be worth the investment. A large area rug placed beneath living room furniture can bring a coordinated look and feel to your décor and help to bring your furniture together in a cohesive way. If your budget doesn’t run to a large rug then a good option is to have a large area rug of a cheaper material such as hemp, jute or synthetic material and to place a smaller more expensive rug over this to give a layered, textured look.

In a bedroom the addition of luxury rugs will give a feeling of comfort and style whilst also giving a comfortable area for your feet when getting in and out of bed. When purchasing rugs for the kitchen or utility room it might be a good idea to opt for specialist rugs that are finished with stain resistors and water-resistant finishes to give added longevity to your rugs. Non-slip options are a good choice here too as the kitchen can be a danger area for trips and slips.

Remember that your rug will probably be with you for a very long time so be sure to choose one that you will be able to live with, and one that perhaps you can utilise in different areas of the home and even take with you should you move.

For those who like change cheaper rugs are the ideal choices as they can be swapped and changed as often as you like without breaking the bank.


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