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Should I match a throw to my sofa and scatter cushions?

Both scatter cushions and throws are decorative items, meant to enhance and add interest to your room. You can match them, which is one look that has appeal, but you also can use contrasting colours or a monochromatic colour scheme with the cushions and/or throw being a lighter or darker shade of the same colour. Some unique decorating ideas use more than one throw, with a highly contrasting colour as one and a monochromatic colour as the other.

The purpose of your throw

Throws are used for interest, but some have a purpose beyond that. While they're stylish and decorative, they can also provide just the right amount of warmth on a cold winter night. Finding the right weight, colour and even texture of the throw depends on your needs. If you have a less formal room, where you might pull the cosy throw over you while watching television, getting a heavier or snuggle throw might be what you want. During the summer, changing to a lighter weight one is also a good idea.

Red Tartan Throw On A Bed, With An Open Book And Cup Of Hot Lemon Drink On Top Of The Throw

Look and feel of your throw

You have to decide the look you want, the colours of the room and whether you need to add interest by using a patterned cushion or throw or adding texture. One idea is to have the cushions match the couch and use the throw as the accent of colour. Of course, you can also match a few cushions to the throw if you want. Another idea is to bring in a variety of colour and texture with both the throw and the cushions. You can go with a fur throw or other highly textured throw, particularly if you have leather furniture that gives a sleek, but not warm feeling to the room. Adding cushions with a mix of texture, colour and design continues the theme.

Faux-animal Skin Woolly Throw Draped Over A Very Light Green Sofa

How you display the throw make a difference too. You can fold it neatly over the back of the couch, with pillows displayed on each side or toss it over the back of the couch, allowing it to drape over the seating area, putting cushions of contrasting colour on top of it. In either case, you can use your imagination and create a bold statement or a soothing design using both throws and cushions.

Ideas you might want to try

  • Match the cushions to the sofa and use a contrasting colour for the throw. If you have a print sofa, use solid colours for both the throw and the cushions to get a more serene appearance. Try adding some texture to the group with a highly textured throw, such as one that's crocheted or knitted, furry or made with a nubby wool.
  • Solid throws and cushions can look fabulous on print sofas, pulling the various colours from the print, but don't discount other prints with the same theme. If you have a large print, go with a small one for a few of the cushions.
  • Don't be afraid to be adventurous. Blending pastels such as teal and salmon can add a stunning look to the room. For a black and white room, a brightly coloured throw with black, white and coloured cushions add a dash of drama.

Beige Tartan Throw Draped Over A Beige Sofa, Next To A Black Chair And Pile Of Books

There are no right or wrong rules when it comes to matching, contrasting or blending the colours of throws and cushions to the furniture. It's all about the look you want.

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