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How to arrange a throw with cushions for a great look

Have you ever rearranged you room décor or redecorated and then looked at the finished article and thought that something was missing, well the answer is probably very simple. Your finished room is not as finished as it might be and adding coordinated cushions and throws is all it will take to lift your room from nice to fantastic, and the cost can be as much or as little as you want.

Throws and cushions come in so many different fabrics and styles, using extremely expensive components such as silk or fine wools, and also very cheap materials man-made fabrics, so whatever your budget your desired look can be easily achieved.

You only have to look at some of the pages of home design or interior design magazines or even online shops to see how popular the cushion and throw mix has become. Cushions have been used by interior designers for a long time to add colour, texture and style to a room, but now the throw also has been added to the design 'must have' list.

Perhaps you have a fairly plain sofa or chair that needs to be given a colour boost and brought more up to date and this can be done easily by adding a cushion or two and draping a throw casually over the back or arm of the chair. Another good tip is to use the throw first and then add some matching cushions so that the feel of the chair is more relaxed and the look says 'let’s sit here and snuggle up'.

Throws are a brilliant addition to any room and are extremely versatile, a beautiful throw is not only a good way to bring a little dash of colour to your room but it is also great for cold evenings when you need a little warmth across your feet or shoulders. Combine your throw with soft, comfortable cushions and you might never want to move from your sofa again!

The addition of throws and cushions is a fantastic way to lift your room and at a fraction of the cost of a complete room makeover. Give your room a totally new look simply by adding a colourful pile of cushions in a corner with a throw wound through it, or use a throw that matches your cushions across a coffee table to bring a room together.

In the bedroom the cushion and throw mix will give a luxurious look and feel. Try mixing the fabrics of your throws and cushions using some plain and some colourful, with perhaps an animal print or a large flower print, to give a focal point. Drape your throw or throws across the side or edge of your bedding rather than just along the bottom and this will give an informal, relaxed, comfortable look and feel.

If you are the type of person who just couldn’t live with a casually draped throw because your mind is too tidy then don’t despair as you can still add both throws and cushions easily. Just fold your throw neatly and lay it either over the arm of your chair or sofa or across the back. Then take your cushions and place them carefully exactly where you want them and hey presto you have a coordinated stylish feel without the untidy look.

In the bedroom you can use a throw neatly folded across the bottom of the bed and perhaps just one or two coordinating cushions to pull the look together in an orderly, but stylish way. It can give a wonderful comfortable feel and cohesive look to have several matching throws on various pieces of furniture throughout the room.

Don’t be afraid of mixing colours and textures of cushions and throws as this will give an added dimension to you look. Both cushions and throws are widely available in a huge array of colour-ways, designs and fabrics so that choosing the ones you want is not only easy but also great fun!

Your tastes might be traditional or modern, bright or subdued but rest assured that whatever the look you want to create the right cushions and throws are readily available. Keep an open mind and experiment with cushion and throw combinations. Try them in different places throughout the room until you can stand back and say 'perfect'!

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