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Should I match my throw to my room colour and design?

The throw has become the 'must have' interior design feature for the modern home. There are several reasons for this and one is that the throw is a versatile and an inexpensive way to revamp a tired room or to add a splash of colour to any space. Throws are available in a huge raft of colours sizes and designs from traditional checks and tartans to modern monochromes and eclectic designs. This makes the throw the ideal addition to any room to brings that finished feel and look. No matter what your personal tastes there is a throw that will give that designer style to your décor.

Try adding a throw by simply draping it across a chair arm, allowing it to trail slightly onto the floor, this will give a casual elegance and a cosy feel to your room. A throw across a sofa back or layered with complementary cushions will make your seating area look stylish but lived in. You can even lay an elegant throw over a coffee table for an added sense of colour and texture. If you have tidy mind and the thought of a draped throw does not excite you then try folding your throw carefully and placing it down the centre of your seating or across the back of your sofa for a more coordinated and stylish look. A tousled throw across your bedding or a neatly folded throw as a centre piece gives a welcoming comfortable feel to a bedroom.

When choosing your throws the question may well arise as to what style and design you need to give the right feel to your room. This is obviously a very personal thing and your individual tastes will need to be taken into account. Your room is a reflection of the colours, styles and designs that you personally like to be surrounded by and the addition of throws will need to complement these choices. Look carefully at your existing colour-ways, your cushions, curtains, blinds or rugs to get a feel of the designs and styles that you are most at home with.

If your room is completed with a traditional look and feel using muted soft colours and traditional designs then you will probably be best suited to throws in natural fibres such as cotton and soft wool. Your room will probably have an understated feel with perhaps some antiques and lots of old oak or walnut furniture. If this is the style of your room then try to use basic colour-ways and match designs and styles to bring a coordinated feel.

The throw comes in an enormous variety of fabrics that will complement a traditional room. A good look is to use several coordinated throws in a casual pile on the floor or drape one or two matching throws across a chair arm. Alternatively wind them together to create a textured look and feel. A single plain throw in a soft off-white twisted together with a checked or patterned throw will give a great design feature. Remember that just because your room is traditional in look and feel it doesn’t have to be plain or boring.

If your tastes are more up to date and modern you probably have lots of glass, chrome or new wood, your room is probably bright and colourful. Adding throws will enable you to coordinate all your various pieces of furniture, lighting and cushions bringing a designer feel to your décor. Try adding throws that bring out one or more design features or colours and use this match to bring a cohesive feeling to your room.

It is a general rule that your throws need to complement your existing décor, but this does not mean that everything in your room needs to be an exact match, indeed too many matching items can end up looking boring and uninteresting. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of bright colour with a statement throw that adds a new dimension and draws the eye, as long as you stick to your main colour scheme or select one of your accent colours it will coordinate beautifully. Matching and coordinating style or design is also a great starting point, making your room look bright but carefully coordinated.

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