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How to compliment a throw with other furnishings for the home

The throw is fast becoming the go to fashion accessory for the modern house hold, it is practical, useful, with a variety of styles, patterns and colours available. The addition of a good quality throw can dramatically change your whole room décor and at a fraction of the cost a room makeover might be. The modern home is all about colour texture and style in a way that was never considered years ago so the throw really comes into its own as the final touch that gives your room that wow factor.

Not only that a throw is incredibly versatile and useful on cold evenings for a light cover over your feet or on those days when you just want to snuggle up but a heavy blanket is too much. A good option too is to use a throw to protect your more expensive items of furniture such as sofas or chairs from children, pets and general wear and tear. It is considerably less costly and far less trouble to clean a throw than a sofa!

When choosing the type of throw to add to your room you must first of all look closely at the existing items that you have within your décor from the large items of furniture like sofas, chairs and tables right down to the lighting, cushions and rugs. All these items will have been chosen to create the look and feel that you needed to have around you. Your new throw should be one that adds to this and enhances the existing décor.

When adding a throw or two to any room try to do it in a way that will bring the room together and give a casual elegance to your décor. A luxurious statement throw draped over a chair arm and allowed to rest slightly on the floor looks inviting and stylish, whilst a bright colourful throw folded across bedding can make a bedroom look modern and cheerful.

Throws can be found in traditional materials and patterns such as woollen tartans and plaids right through to bright neon cottons and polyester fabrics. If you have children or pets it might be wise to go for a washable option along with a material that will give a fairly robust and durable life span. Some throws will have a stain resistant finish and this might also be a good idea although successive washing will erode this feature and your throw will need to be re-treated periodically.

If you have cushions on your sofa or chairs then try adding a complementary patterned throw woven through them or layered under them, this will give a welcoming feel to your seating area. A statement throw in a good quality fabric will give a window seat a cosy look and an eye catching throw folded across a coffee table brings an interesting twist to the room.

Don’t be afraid of colour and style when adding your throws to your home as sometimes the added splash of colour given by a throw can lift your old décor and bring a new designer feel. A bright throw can be wound along curtain poles or through curtains to give a different style or folded and laid down a seat to change your look completely.

If your style is traditional then there are throws in natural fabrics such as soft wool in muted colours that will add a sumptuous feel to your sofa or chair. An off-white throw casually piled amongst some plaid or check cushions will give a country cottage look with a comfortable and welcoming feel. If your style is more eclectic or modern then throws in several complimentary colours and bold designs can be twisted together or draped across your seats to give a bright informal look.

Think of your throw as the item that holds your décor together and gives a cohesive feel to your room. Throws can be found in a huge array of colours, styles and sizes and manufactured from many different fabrics from expensive exotic silks to cheaper man-made fabric. So, whatever the throw you need you will most certainly be able to find it here at Terrys Fabrics, and indeed finding the right soft furnishing items for your home should be fun and exciting, never a boring chore!

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