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Should my throw match the colour of my sofa and scatter cushions?

For some people it just seems to be so easy deciding what piece of furniture goes where or what colour to paint the walls of your lounge, whilst others of us struggle with these decisions every day. Although in the great scheme of things these choices might seem rather unimportant, when you consider how much time you spend inside your four walls then it makes sense to have a home that you enjoy spending time in and feel relaxed in. After all it is your personal space so why not enjoy your time there?

If you colour and design choices are not right then it might make you feel unhappy or stressed in your home, but if your choices are good then you will create a personal space that invites you into a relaxing, calm atmosphere. And of course there is also the cost involved if you should make an unwise choice and then have to correct it later.

With this in mind let us look at the colour palette of your lounge and more importantly your sofa in relation to the scatter cushions and throws that you have or are about to purchase.

Quite often these days a new sofa will come with several scatter cushions included, and often these are a good match to the sofa with a matching theme of a colour or pattern running through them. Sometimes though the look created is just not creative enough, and the overall style is rather bland, not very imaginative and lacks individual personality.

With the addition of a few new cushions and throws you can change the whole feel of your sofa and bring new life to your décor. This is also true of a sofa that you might have had for some time where the colours are starting to look a little faded or perhaps old fashioned, at a fraction of the cost of replacing it your sofa can look and feel new and fresh.

Adding a throw, draped casually across the arm of your sofa or perhaps along the back, will give a casual but elegant feel and look to your room whilst making your sofa look cosy and inviting. If the thought of a draped throw goes against the thread of your tidy mind then just fold your throw neatly and hang it along the sofa back or run it down the seat to bring an extra splash of colour and texture to your seating arrangement.

As to whether your throws should match your sofa or cushions then the answer is yes, but only to a point. A match can be a colour match, a pattern match or just a fabric match. As long as you keep at least one thing as a common denominator running through both cushions and throws then it can be called a match. There is absolutely no need to match perfectly all aspects of your cushions or throws and quite often a complete match will give you a boring, unexciting arrangement without any vibrancy or life.

If your style runs to bright and colourful then add a splash more colour by adding one or more throws in colours that clash slightly with your existing cushions and sofa, this will catch the eye and give your seating area an edgy, stylish look. Another good idea is to use throws in shiny materials such as satin or silk fabric that will add a different textured look to your arrangement. This is also true of cushions and throws that have added features like buttons, ribbons or tassels, as all these will bring added dimensions to your décor creating an interesting statement look.

If your tastes are more traditional or subdued then don’t despair because a muted, soft look can be achieved by using natural, earthy colours such as beige and brown with perhaps a deep orange for a little upbeat touch, or perhaps a few soft neutral off white cushions with throws in deep grey or dark brown. Just because your colour choices are not bright it doesn’t mean they have to be boring! A chic modern look can be achieved in any room by using soft pastels mixed with brighter neons, this is especially effective in a room used by teenagers.

Matching scatter cushions to your sofa brings a cohesive and harmonious look to a room, and shows everyone who enters that you have your finger well and truly on the pulse of great interior design!

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