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How should I choose a curtain pole or track?

Where would we be without curtain poles and tracks? Curtain poles and tracks are a modern convenience that we have come to rely on but probably take for granted. They are a functional necessity when it comes to dressing our windows with curtains, but often these days become a major consideration as part of our window dressing design too. Unless you’re fitting blinds only at your windows, you are going to need a method of suspending your chosen window treatment and the norm is usually a curtain pole or curtain track, so we need to give consideration to two things - what we need to do the job and how it will look. So how do you know whether to choose a curtain pole or a track?

Curtain tracks are generally less visible than a curtain pole, therefore they work well with plain and simple fabrics – creating a clean and tidy appearance. Tracks are usually completely hidden by the curtain fabric when the curtains are closed. However, curtain poles, whilst more visible add an additional design feature to your window – you can choose the perfect pole to match your décor. Additionally, curtain poles are much more versatile and generally can be used with any curtain heading whereas curtain tracks can generally only be used for pencil pleat headings.

Hanging Curtains On Pole

Curtain poles serve two purposes when it comes to hanging curtains – they are both attractive and functional. Tracks provide function and ease of use too, but are not always particularly attractive to look at and are designed more often than not to be hidden behind a pelmet or discreetly mounted against a window frame where they serve as a purely functional but unobtrusive part of the window treatment. Curtain poles on the other hand are designed to be seen and to be an integral and thought out part of the window treatment. Curtain poles also eliminate the need for an additional pelmet and poles are available in dozens of different colours, styles, diameters and finishes these days. A curtain pole will also give you a wider choice of headings for your curtains than a track would.

Hanging Curtains On Wooden Pole

At Terry’s we understand that everyone has different tastes and needs and that there are seldom two windows alike; so whether you’re putting up you’re first curtain poles in a new-build, or replacing your existing, old and tired fixtures for a bit of a window makeover, we’ve got all the advice you need to choose a stylish and functional curtain pole that is perfect for you and your home.

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