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Top tips for creative spaces - Children’s bedroom décor ideas

Decorating your little one’s bedroom is an exciting experience. There are themes, colour schemes and even playful characters to explore, all you need is a little bit of imagination!

However, if you find yourself struggling to think of great ideas, or you're simply short on time, fear not. We’ve compiled our top tips for choosing your child’s bedroom décor, so all that’s left to do is dust off your decorating gear and get stuck in! Read on and feel inspired.

Keeping things neutral

Simple bedroom décor isn’t just a great idea for grown up bedrooms, it can be a really versatile option for your child’s bedroom too.

Soft Greens, Yellows And Pinks Are Used In This Childs Bedroom

Having a neutral or white shade on the walls creates a great base for the room. With such a light colour, you’re free to customise, accessorise and chop and change styles to your (or your little one’s) heart’s content as they grow older. You can factor in bright and bold patterns through accents like bed linen, cushions, rugs and curtains, without having to worry that the styles you choose won’t fit with the wall colour.

As children tend to accumulate a lot of stuff – whether that’s toys as they get older or essential equipment as a newborn – having a clear neutral space also gives you a blank canvas to begin looking at essential storage. Including nappy dispensers, changing tables, cots and more, finding the right shade of furniture is made that much easier with a neutral background to work from.

A neutral shade can also be a useful option for older children. With a more grown-up feeling bedroom, they can be free to put their own stamp on it, something that’s sure to be a hit with teenagers.

Themed children’s bedroom ideas

As curious as young children are, it’s a great idea to create a space for them that encourages their development. Bright, bold wall colours, plenty of patterns or even a mural if you’re up to the challenge are all great ways to incorporate a little imagination into your child’s room.

Childrens Painting Of A Rainbow Is Left On The Floor Of A Childs Bedroom

Our favourite children’s décor themes include:


Whether you have a safari scene painted on the wall, a farmyard border or incorporate a whole zoo of animal prints, stuffed toys and light shades, creating an animal theme is sure to have your little zoological enthusiast interested. Incorporate this theme into the room with our various styles of animal print material, including cute pandas, jumbo elephants and our stylish giraffe print.


Another popular bedroom theme, inspire your little ones with adventure filled décor. You don’t have to go quite as far as a pirate ship bed (you can leave that to their imaginations), but pirate prints, a blue carpet to represent the sea and treasure maps on the walls are a great place to start. For a more subtle nod to the theme, you can even add in anchor print curtains.

Sun and stars

An outdoorsy theme that's nice and simple one to incorporate. Go for a neutral wall colour (light blue is perfect), and get busy stencilling designs such as the sun or moon and stars onto the wall itself. They’re easy to make yourself, and if you apply the paint with a sponge rather than a brush, the end result is much more effective.

Funky Space Themed Childs Room With Black Chalkboard Wall To Spark Creativity

You could even add to the sun and stars theme by incorporating a fun print to match, such as our hot air balloon style, or our super-versatile star childrens fabric.


For those interested in all things pre-historic, a dinosaur theme is a great way to go. Spark your child’s imagination with this exciting theme - it's easily incorporated with soft toy dinosaurs, dinosaur print bedding and even dino-themed curtains. Coupled with a bright bed, you really can help your little one’s imagination to run wild with an adventurous bedroom.

A space to create

Part of growing up often involves exploring, creating, and generally making a bit of a mess. If you have a little one with a creative flair, it often helps to arrange their bedroom in a way that harnesses their potential, rather than hinders in.

Making a creative space is particularly handy for the primary years, when painting, creating and making become a regular pastime.

Fresh And Bright Childs Room With Bold Blues, Pinks And Greens Used For Accessories

For this particular child’s bedroom décor theme, you may wish to consider practical factors such as:

• Wipe clean paint for the walls
• Hardwearing carpets built to withstand spills
• Plenty of storage space for all your little artist’s equipment

As well as this, bunk beds or cabin beds can be a great floor space saver, and those with the addition of a desk create a wonderful space for creativity to flow. For this style of room, you’ll no doubt be inundated with the latest crafts and pictures your child will want to display, so choosing décor that’s neutral, but with a hint of a pattern, is often the best way to let your child’s creations sing out.

Relatively neutral styles such as this material and this style make a great backdrop in curtains, while patchwork bedding such incorporates just the right amount of pattern. You could even incorporate characters from their favourite children’s books to help spark the creative juices, such as Roald Dahl’s The BFG.

Traditional bedroom ideas

Decorating your little one’s bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go all out with a wild and bright new theme. Sometimes, the traditional options are the most suitable. Whether you want to choose relaxing girls bedding or more stereotypical boys bedding, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Traditional wooden furniture provides an evergreen accessory to the home, while subtle accessories such as coloured bunting, character rugs and quirky curtain patterns can really add character to the space.

Décor features such as family photographs can be another evergreen addition that means you won’t necessarily have to re-decorate as often as with other styles of bedroom.

For more fun and interesting interior décor ideas, take a look at the other guides in our style selection. You’ll find handy suggestions for bedroom design, bathroom styles and much more!

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