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Boys bedroom ideas for your home

When it comes to decorating a boy’s bedroom you may feel immediate panic at the thought of it – however you would be surprised how many ideas there are out there for decorating a boy’s bedroom. Whilst you likely have some practical criteria you want to meet such as ensuring it is easy to clean, has plenty of storage, will stand the test of time and meet your budget there is still plenty to play around with in terms of themes, colours and accessories.

Boys bedroom design with mountain wall decals

Gone are the days where the only options for boys’ bedrooms seemed to be sport or superhero’s (not that there is anything wrong with that). Now, you can opt for a range of different styles – from themed to brightly colour and even chic neutrals. Let’s take a look at some of our top boy’s bedroom ideas.

Space Themed

For a room that is out of this world, you can opt for a space themed bedroom. There are various ways to introduce a space theme – and you can even keep the walls clear. For many parents, themed rooms are scary because it means your child could easily outgrow the space however if you keep the theme to items such as cushions, bedding and accessories it is much easier to change.

Consider a deep blue feature wall, space themed bedding and some accessories such as toy rockets dotted around, and some framed art pieces hung on the wall. To really bring the room together you can create some matching cushions and curtains from this galaxy curtain fabric. For the more daring, you can even consider some planet wall stickers to add that finishing touch.

Keep it Neutral

Neutral is not boring – it is the perfect canvas for a variety of bedroom ideas. For a rustic feel you can opt for beiges and browns complete with accessories such as woven baskets, natural textured blinds or curtains and different tonal cushions.

Modern boys bedroom in white and light green

Alternatively, go modern with grey. Grey is a perfect shade for pairing with other brighter colours such as deep blues or bright oranges. A grey canvas would stand the test of time whilst other items such as bedding can be swapped and changed as time goes on.

Clean and Simple

If a minimalist design is more your thing – there are plenty of ways to implement this in a boys bedroom. Think clean white lines and smooth surfaces. By choosing all white furniture you can brighten up a room and make it appear larger, which is one of the many reasons people opt for a minimalist design. You can then add hints of colour with accessories such as chairs, cushions and curtains.

Nautical Themed

For a modern yet fun take on a boy’s bedroom, try a nautical theme. There are various ways to do this and it can be as obvious as you like. Keep it simple with red, blue and white stripes and some wall art or go all out with a boat bed frame, anchor print wallpaper and various sea-worthy accessories.

This nautical curtain fabric can be used to create a variety of fun accessories – from curtains and blinds to matching cushions and even seat covers.

Chalkboard Walls

If your son has a tendency for wall-art, as many children do, then a chalkboard wall could be perfect. You can buy chalkboard paint and turn an entire wall into their canvas – and the best part is you don’t have to worry about your precious white walls being ruined. They can simply rub off the chalk and start all over again. It will give your child somewhere to express their creativity whilst keeping your walls sparkling clean.

Boy drawing on a chalk walk

There are plenty of ideas for boys bedrooms, all of which will help inject a little bit of personality into their room whilst ensuring it has plenty of storage and stands the test of time.

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