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Inspiration for your hallway

Hallways tend to have a reputation for being purely practical spaces; a place where people come and go, and where shoes, coats and keys are often abandoned until the next day. And while they do serve a very important purpose, this doesn't mean they can't look fabulous - even if they are on the smaller side.

Cream and white hall with fitter drawers and seat for putting on coats and shoes

Whether you're planning a complete home makeover or simply want to spruce up a few rooms in your house, don't neglect your hallway. It has more of an impact than you might realise, being the first thing guests see when they enter your home.

Confused by colour schemes? Are you a vintage lover or fan of industrial chic? We have plenty of great hallways ideas to help you get the most out of your space. Keep on reading for more inspiration.

Hallway colour scheme ideas

Planning on picking up a paintbrush? If you are giving a new lease of life to your walls, avoid darker colours and stay neutral. Narrow hallways tend to get very little light, and muted greys, warm beiges and classic white hues can instantly give the illusion that your entranceway is much bigger than it really is. Simple bases for any interior style - from traditional to Victorian to Scandi - and you're also free to swap and change décor whenever you choose without having to completely redesign the space further down the line.

Large cream hall and front door with dark wood floors and chairs

Colour isn't completely banned though, don't worry! Yellow, light blue and green are popular choices for modern hallways - inspired by nature, welcoming and happy, these shades work perfectly either as a pop of colour through various items of décor or as a feature wall. Curious to learn more about living with colour, and how different hues can affect your mood? Find out more over guide to colour schemes.

Your hallway will meet its fair share of muddy shoes and dirty paws over the years too, so when it comes to flooring choose something practical but classic. Solid wood or wood-effect laminate are known for their hard-wearing properties, aging elegantly and easy to wipe clean. Any colour will work with neutral walls, but darker wood like mahogany and antique oak age best, particularly in homes than lean towards a country style or traditional theme.

Turn something practical into a feature

Limited on space, there are some things every hallway simply can't do without. Instead of hiding coats in cupboards or pushing boots to the side in a hope they'll stay out of sight, turn the practical items in your entrance way into a focal point.

Choose clever coat hooks and make art out of your outerwear. Individual geometric hooks look fantastic against a pattered wall, while anyone into industrial inspired design will adore recycling old pipes. Shine them up or leave them with an antique finish, then attach them to a wooden backdrop and hang your coat on top.

Light grey wall with coat rack and shoe cupboard

If you'd rather keep things traditional, invest in a stand-alone white rack with a shelf. Hooks can be customised to your liking, and the shelf on top can be utilised for photos, books, plants and a whole assortment of decorative bits and bobs.

Consider a smart shoe rack too - shelves can be built into small corners, or stand-alone solutions are available. Some of our favourite unique styles include creating shelves out of rustic crates, using wooden ladders as a rack and simply adding a wicker basket beneath seating.

Embrace that cosy feeling

Hallways are small, and sometimes it's best to just embrace that cosy feeling. Clutter is never cool, but don't be afraid of texture. Incorporate blankets, soft wool rugs, play around with cushions in various finishes - from crochet to velvet - and keep things snug with candles. You might only spend a few moments every day here, but coming back to a space that really makes you feel right at home can completely change your mood.

A place to sit

Adding a place to sit in a tight space might seem ludicrous, but your guests (and your family members) will definitely appreciate having a place to tie their shoes. There are hundreds of seat styles to consider, with many helping you to make the most of awkward corners or the empty space below coat and key hooks.

Cream hall and stairs with wood stain steps, and coat rack and shoe bench

Adding storage into your seat can also help solve two issues at once. Choose a bench with drawers or cupboards beneath, and add a collection of scatter cushions to make things more comfortable. For a vintage feel, we love our collection of cream cushions, especially when mixed with pastel shades like lavender or duck egg blue.

Transform your staircase

You'll find a staircase in the hallway of most homes, and there's no denying they can take up plenty of space. Make the most of the feature, and transform it into an area you love by making a few simple adjustments.

Adding a runner is an easy and effective way to instantly add pattern, texture and a hint of cosiness into a hallway. Plain runners in neutral shades help wooden staircases feel more welcoming, and look elegant on both natural and painted wood. Striped runners, meanwhile, are popular with both modern and traditional homes. Make sure the stripes are aligned vertically, to draw the eye upwards.

White hall with floating step staircase in natural wood

If a runner isn't to your taste, stripping stairs back and painting them is a fantastic alternative. When it comes to painted stairs, there are no limitations. Choose one colour for the entire staircase or get imaginative and experiment with stair treads and risers. Minimal and modern, go monochrome and choose white for the riser and black for the tread, or paint each riser in a different hue of the same colour for a contemporary look. You could even add various patterns or tiles to the riser, adding a vintage or quirky touch.

Looking for inspiration for your dining room, kitchen or bathroom ? Take a look at our collection of design guides to find out more- they're sure provide you with plenty of ideas to transform your house into a home you truly love!

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