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Eco-awareness – potential fuel savings by layering window dressings

We are all aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprint as well as trying to make savings on ever increasing fuel bills. Research and study has shown that a high percentage of loss in most houses is via windows, this being despite double glazing in most homes. There are many ways in which you can usual window dressing to help retain precious heat inside your rooms rather than watching your money drift through your windows despite them being closed! The trend to use more than one type of window dressing is becoming increasingly popular with double layering being a key feature of window dressings in 2009.

This year the trend looks set to continue with many people taking this one step further by using triple layering at their windows. To achieve this style of window dressing start by choosing Venetian blinds in a neutral colour such as white or cream. This is fitted within the recess of the window to form the first protective layer. Then use double curtain tracks to hang either lightweight voile curtains or ready made blinds in a lightweight fabric.

If you can't find the colour or style you want in ready made blinds there is always the option of buying curtain material and making your own. A roman blind kit is a widely available product which give you the opportunity to easily make your own blinds as they come complete with all the fixings and instructions all you have to do is choose the fabric! This lightweight Roman or pull up blind is the second layer, the third layer can be any type of curtain you wish. Obviously the thicker and heavier the weight Of the fabric the more insulation it will provide.

Alternatively opt for ready-made curtains which are fully lined, in theory if you use fully lined curtains you actually end up with four rather than three layers of different materials and fabrics at your windows! Swish curtain tracks are ideal as they provide chic elegance along with super smooth glide actions which make opening and closing your curtains effortless. You could also use curtain poles to create similar window dressings.

The great advantage of having these different layers of fabrics and materials is the different light effects which can be produced during the day when natural light filters its way through the blinds when angled open. Double or triple layering your window dressings can potentially save you money on your fuel bills, however whether you are looking to save money or simply want to have chic window dressings this in-trend method of dressing your windows is both cost effective and extremely stylish.

Furthermore, if you look for cheap blinds and opt to choose from the wide range of ready made curtains UK suppliers offer, it is possible to use this style of window dressing in every room of your home, without breaking the bank! Think about the different colour combinations that you you could potentially use! For dramatic looks at your windows bright colours are in-vogue this year, as are the wide range of neutral tones and hues of beige and cream which have stood the test of time of creating stunning window treatments which compliment traditional interiors perfectly. Image: Two Ellie

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