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The Best Bedding Styles And Trends For 2023

Bedding comes in all different shapes, sizes, colours, materials and more. Which means like any other product with a lot of options, there are bedding styles that trend more than others. Trendy bedding may not be something you have come across before, but 2023 trends expect to see the likes of floral bedding designs, feature headboards, scalloped edges and colour drenching (amongst other trends) to be popular, whilst classic all-white bedding is expected to see a dip in popularity. 

Here at Terrys we stock all types of bedding, from plain bedding to patchwork bedding designs. Today we want to take you through some of the best bedding trends coming up this year and the perfect pieces to work with them.

The Top Trends For Bedding

From the catwalk to designers to Instagram hashtags, there are many different influences that impact what will trend throughout the year, here’s what we expect to be the biggest bedding trends.

Floral Bedding

SS23 trends saw more modern florals on show from the likes of Dior and Prada, and this trend is something we expect to see carry over into interior design. Old-school, overbearing florals are no more, instead you can enjoy more three-dimensional, clean, modern floral designs to grace your beds. A great example of a clean floral design is our Catherine Lansfield Meadowsweet Floral Bedding Set, this bedding features hand painted floral silhouettes, perfect for freshening up your room. 

If something with a little more colour is what you want, Orla Kiely Japonica Flower Duvet Cover brings a little more punch. From our wonderful Orla Kiely collection, this high contrast floral design adds some wow factor to your bedroom. 

Victorian Majestic Bedding

All things Victorian graced the shows of Erdem, amongst others, welcoming in trends of organza ruffles, absinthe greens, taffeta and frosted lilacs. These designs look beautiful on bedding too, such as on our Marinelli Bedding set, blending a wealth of shades with floral designs, this set is sure to bring some regality to your room. 

Calm Colours 

Instagram trends are currently seeing calm living hashtags trending, a lifestyle that promotes calm and peaceful vibes. Linking this to colours, introduces a calming colour palette trend for our homes. Products such as our Skye Duck Egg Bedding and Appletree Signature-Cassia Green set reflect this trend with their soft, pale colours, that are gentle to the eye whilst also providing your space with some soft colour. 

Tropical Accents

Biophilic designs were a huge trend in 2022, this year we expect to see them back with a tropical twist. Incorporating some vibrant, tropical colours into your bedroom can bring some warmth and energy to the space. At Terrys we have a wonderful, varied collection of tropical style bedding, from our Catherine Lansfield Tropical Monkey Bedding Set (available in multiple colourways) which features hand-painted fruit and monkeys, to our darker Forest Fauna Rust set, featuring a beautiful woodland print, bringing some colour and warmth to your room. 

The Most Popular Bedding Colours

Choosing bedding colour is an important and personal choice. Choosing what makes you feel happy can make a world of difference, from impacting your overall mood to how well you sleep at night. In 2023, these are the colours to consider.


At the top of our list of popular bedding colours is green bedding, a calming colour that comes in a number of beautiful shades. Green is often associated with balance and harmony, bringing peaceful vibes to your bedroom, helping you get a good night’s rest. 

For some simple, plain bedding, our Appletree Westport Waffle Khaki Set and green Tate Bedding Set will bring those calming effects to your room, as both of these sets boast a lovely, simple design that lets the soft shade of green do the work. If you want something a little more out there, our Bee Deco set in emerald is a great choice, bringing some soft gold geometric patterns over a lovely emerald green, adding some effortless elegance to the room. 


Blue bedding is another versatile colour to go for, from rich, dark and deep blues, to softer, pastel blues. This variation allows you to use blue however you want, to add some brightness to a space, or to enrich it with some deeper tones. 

To bring these deeper tones to your room, our Tess Daly Phoebe Bedding Set in Midnight Blue is a great option. Featuring some subtle geometric embroidery paired with sparkling details that contrast with the deep navy colour, this bedding brings some richness to your bed.

For a softer approach, our Betty Spot Set is a brighter choice, featuring some minor white details to help the soft blue colour pop. Or, if something a little more interesting is what you want, we have the mesmerising Appletree Astrid Bedding Set. Featuring a wonderful digital print, this unique and stylish set will draw all the attention, making your bed the centrepiece of the room.




If you’re looking to inject some fun and pop to any room, pink bedding is here to help. Again, another colour that can be used in multiple ways, pink does not have to be overbearingly sugary, it can be soft and cosy too. 

Ranging from deep berry shades, to cute pastel colours, pink is more versatile than you think and isn’t just appropriate for a little girl’s room. 

Take this Lara Bedding Blush Set, this plain yet stylish duvet features a pintuck design across the set, along with the lovely soft blush colour, this bedding adds some lush colour to your space. Or, to add some more colour and pop, our Cath Kidston Tea Rose Set in pink features a hand-painted floral design and animal inspired marks and dashes, adding a twist to a classic look. 

Our Favourite Timeless Bedding Styles

Some bedding styles never go out of fashion, you can always bet on them to look good and piece your room together. These timeless styles include hotel bedding, something which is often very simple, but comfortable and inviting, or french style bedding, featuring a vintage, patterned look. Let’s see what we have on offer for your timeless bedding needs. 

Hotel Style Bedding

Hotel beds are often where some of us get our best sleep, but why is this? Usually, hotel bedding is made of high-quality cotton which makes for a comfortable feeling, with a plain look overall. Nothing too special or fancy, but very effective, the simple, white bedding look is clean and classic, making it a timeless style. 

To bring this comfort to your own home, we have the perfect recommendations. First, our Catherine Lansfield So Soft Jersey Bedding provides a soft, high-quality experience, with a simple, elegant style, this bedding brings that hotel vibe to your room. Here we have the white set, but this is also available in other simple colours such as charcoal and silver if you want some different shades.

We also have our Appletree Signature-Casisa Bedding, a 100% cotton set, again excelling in purity, letting its simple, relaxing style do all the talking. 

If you want the hotel look but don’t want it to be totally plain, our Dart Bedding Set in white could be the option for you. This bedding is simple, but features some dart folds and stitching across the duvet and pillowcases, adding some dimensions to the overall plain look.


French Style Bedding

Typical French decor features vintage pieces, delicate textures and an overall elegant and glamorous vibe. French bedding incorporates this style through inspirations from nature, botanicals and floral designs. If this sounds like your kind of thing, then look no further than these products. 

The Chateau Les Chateau Des Animaux Bedding Set Natural is a great example of some extravagant French style bedding. Featuring a menagerie of animals, this set embraces nature and makes it look glamorous whilst doing so.


Or, if something a little more botanical is what you want, the Catherine Lansfield Fresh Floral and Hyperion Aloria Botanical sets will please you. Featuring plants, flowers and plenty of colour, these sets pack a punch and bring some extravagance to your room. 

Vintage Style Bedding

Vintage bedding borrows similar characteristics from the aforementioned French style, with a heavy focus on extravagance and design work, featuring floral elements and plenty of colour. Vintage bedding can often resemble classic wallpaper, overdesigned and impressively detailed.

Our Vintage Chinoiserie Bedding Set in jade is a great example of vintage-styled bedding, featuring swirling floral vines and exotic birds, this is a soft duvet cover that brings some vintage glamour to your space.

Our Paloma Home Vintage Chinoiserie Bedding Set in Midnight is quite a statement piece. With flowers and birds again, contrasting with the pitch black background, this set draws attention immediately. This set is also available in blossom and jade too, if you don’t want it to be too contrasting. 

Country Cottage Style Bedding

This cosy style incorporates homey vibes, with cute patterns, stripes, florals and sporting a slightly distressed, worn aesthetic. This style is perfect for a more humble, less braggadocious style of bedroom, much different to the two previous styles. 

Our Limoge Bedding in Cream is a lovely, simple cottage style set. Ideal for creating a clean cut style, this self-coloured texture doesn’t draw too much attention, but allows your room to be simple and cosy.

For something with some more design to it, the Hampshire Printed Bedding could be for you, featuring a fresh, floral country garden design on a soft background, this set brings some colour whilst remaining cosy and warm. 

If you’ve not put much thought into your bedding choices before reading this, maybe you will now. Did the extravagant designs of French and Vintage bedding attract you? Or are you more fond of the classic, soft, hotel look? Either way, here at Terrys we have the right bedding for you, whatever your preference!

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