Bed pillow guide: the ultimate bed pillow buying guide: exploring size, shape and firmness

Any bed just isn’t complete without adding some luxurious pillows to top off a cosy night’s sleep. Believe it or not the pillows you choose are equally just as important as your mattress, because of the support it provides during the night to both the head and neck.

We might not put too much thought into the pillow’s we buy, however this maybe the deciding factor between achieving the perfect night’s sleep or little sleep at all. Depending on the sleeping position you take whether on your back, side or stomach the wrong pillow can cause unnecessary discomfort, aches and pains to your body.

So it’s important that you’re investing in the right pillow that will provide the best comfort and support. To help you find the exact pillow you need here is a small pillow buying guide where we explore everything from pillow firmness to shape and size. Grey headboard and white mattress and bedding


Pillow’s come in a variety of set sizes from the standard everyday pillow to exceptionally long body pillow. The type of bed you have at home will influence just what size and quantity of pillows you may need. So for example single beds may suit the widely available standard size pillow, where as a king size bed due to its wider dimension would best suit a larger pillow size that fits either edge of the bed space. Bear in mind also that should you make an investment into different pillow sizes that the bedding you buy to accompany it is sure to fit their dimensions.
  • Standard pillow - 19 x 29
  • King size pillow - 36 x 19
  • Body pillow - 54 x 19
  • V shape pillow – 66 x 13


Moving on from sizing you can also find a majority of pillows both online and in store available in an assortment of tailored shapes made especially to give support to areas of the body as you sleep. Depending on your personal sleeping needs contour, neck, body, triangle and knee pillows may come in handy to give you the optimal support and comfort you need.


Last but not least we move onto firmness, now the density of your pillow will influence the overall sleeping experience you have on it because each pillow density actually suits different sleeping positions. For example if you sleep on your back a pillow of medium firmness will support the natural curve of your spine as well as your head and neck. If you sleep on your side a pillow with firmer support is needed to cradle the head, neck and shoulders preventing aches and pains as well as potential pinched nerves. Grey and white checked bedding with hints of purple Lastly should you sleep on your stomach a softer pillow would be ideal to allow your body to naturally ease into its own shape and pose creating comfort during the night. Now that we’ve explored all areas of pillow buying know how to you can go ahead in finding the perfect pillow investment for you with confidence and ease.

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