A nation of (not so) early risers

The fight for the bathroom in the morning is a struggle in households across the UK, especially when there is one person in particular who takes more than their share of time getting ready. We recently surveyed the nation to find out just how long we spend on our morning rituals, and what tasks take up the most time in getting us out of the house.

The research revealed that one in seven of us argue about people taking too long in the bathroom in the morning, and one in six admitted it was actually them who were the household ‘bathroom hog’!

Flowers, A Book And A Coffee Cup On An Unmade Bed

In order to understand just what takes us so long, we asked what activities make up our daily morning routine. Starting from getting out of bed and opening the bedroom curtains and ending when you leave the house for work. Unsurprisingly, eating breakfast (58%) and a morning brew (55%) were top of the list, with over half of the nation starting their day off with a morning meal. It seems just a third of us make the bed in the morning (36%) and just 6% iron our clothes in the morning. One in seven of us claim to tidy the house before we leave.

The most popular morning routine activities are:
  1. Eat breakfast (58%)
  2. Have a hot drink (55%)
  3. Shower (53%)
  4. Make the bed (36%)
  5. Spray perfume or aftershave (33%)
  6. Apply make up (30%)
  7. Cleanse tone and moisturise (29%)
  8. Wash hair (27%)
  9. Check social media (25%)
  10. Catch up on the news (25%)
  11. Style hair (23%)
  12. Feed the pets (21%)
  13. Shave (20%)
  14. Dry hair (19%)
  15. Get kids ready for school (16%)
  16. Prepare lunch (15%)
  17. Exercise (13%)
  18. Tidy the house (13%)
  19. Walk the dog (8%)
  20. Iron clothes (6%)

Which of these make up your daily morning routine? If you are guilty of taking too long to get ready in the morning, tweet us at @terrysfabrics.

Image Source: Alisa Anton on Unsplash