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Does a throw have a number of uses or is it just for covering a sofa?

The popularity of throws within the average household has grown tremendously over the last few years, and that has a lot to do with the fact that people in general have realised that a good throw can be a lot more than just a chair or sofa covering. That said there is nothing wrong with using your throw simply to add a little colour or designer chic to a plain sofa, or to give an old or worn sofa a new lease of life with the added touch of a beautiful throw strategically placed over worn areas or stains. But with the huge choice of throws available today why not be a little bit more adventurous and use a throw in different places and for different things?

Open Book and Hot Lemon Drink On Top Of A Red And White Tartan Throw

Origin of the throw

The throw originates very many years ago and was probably something that would have been made as a shawl or cover that was more easily handled and transported than a large blanket. The throw can be made from a huge variety of materials from exotic silks and fine wools to man made acrylic fabrics. Originally the throw would probably have been made from wool and used by both men and women as a warm covering on cold evenings or days. In a way it would have been the forerunner of the cardigan that we know so well today. The throw became over time a much loved addition to many households and with that popularity came new and more exciting ways to use your throw. The throw as simply a decorative item became popular because with the addition of a throw a plain sofa or chair could become a warm cosy and inviting seating area but at a fraction of the cost of replacing said sofa.

Dark Room With Grey, Beige And Cream Striped Sofa Decorating With Co-coordinating Checked Beige Throw

Usage of throws in the home

Throws can be used for draping across sofas, chairs or beds to add colour and a decorative touch, but don’t forget that your throw is also a very versatile rug for cold feet on winter nights or a pretty useful cover for a chair where the family pet might like to cosy up. A throw can also be used to protect furniture from children’s sticky fingers and is a much easier and probably cheaper item to clean than a chair or sofa. Soft woollen throws are idea for a child’s cot blanket because of their size and shape and a pretty throw can be instrumental in persuading a tired child that bedtime is here.

Young Girl Leaning On Elbows Looking At Golden Retriever On A Beige Sofa

Throws can also be used as wall hangings or even to cover draughty windows. They can add texture to plain rooms to add another visual and tactile dimension. Bright colours can give a tired looking décor an instant face-lift, while specific colours and patterns are ideal for keeping up with latest interior design trends.

Usage and purchasing considerations

What use you are going to put your throw to will affect the type of throw that you should buy. As stated before some throws can be made from expensive exotic materials and although this will give a wonderful finished product perhaps it might not be a wise choice if your throws main purpose is for the family pet to snooze on.

Bright And Fresh Living Space, With Beige Sofa Covered In A Grey Tartan Throw

Some very attractive functional throws can be found at a fraction of the cost and will probably stand the washing and wear and tear a lot better. Remember that your home is your sanctuary and your special space, so whatever you want to do with your throw is completely up to you and with the enormous variations that you have to choose from no matter what your needs there is no doubt that the throw for your home is available at Terrys Fabrics.

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