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What’s the difference between a throw and a runner?

If you're sprucing up your bedroom, it's time to look at various ways to add style to the room without costing a fortune. One of those ways is bedding. You may not even have to purchase new sheets, bedspreads or pillowcases for this type of spruce up. You can start with adding a throw.

Throws types and features

A throw is similar to a blanket, but normally much smaller. The sizes vary greatly, but area always on the internet description or packaging. These decorative items are simply for that purpose, adding flair to your décor, but they are versatile enough to use as a light blanket on chilly evenings, which is one reason people often use them in other rooms for decoration, such as a room where they watch television.

Grey Bedding, With Dark Grey Bed Runner And Stack Of Pillows

Throws can be used on the end of the bed to add colour and style to the ensemble or draped over sofas or chairs. They're made from a wide variety of materials, with fleece ones intended to be used for both decoration and warmth and tapestry style ones primarily for decoration. These make wonderful gifts and are particularly good for chilly winters, where just a bit more warmth is necessary.

Bed runner types and features

Bed runners are also a fashionable accessory for the boudoir. They were first used in up-scale hotels, but quickly became popular in home décor. The runner is very decorative, allowing the rest of the bed décor to be quite simple. In many hotels, plain duvet covers are used, so the bed runner adds a touch of colour and style, along with matching bed scatter cushions. It also helps protect the duvet cover from being soiled by mucky shoes as a bed runner is typically laid across the foot of the bed. If you have pets who insist on laying at the foot of your bed at night, bed runners are an excellent way to prevent hair on the bed and easy to wash.

Grey Bed Runner On Cream Bed, With A Tea Tray Sitting On The Runner

Both bed runners and throws have a place in bedroom decorating. Throws are normally square or at least wider than runners, while runners tend to be longer. They're both inexpensive additions to a bedroom that can change the look entirely giving you a choice of decorative options – throws being decorative and warm, while bed runners add a touch of elegant flair, especially when made of faux satin or silk, to master and guest bedrooms.

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