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What is the best way to maintain and clean a throw?

Each type of throw is different when it comes to cleaning. It all depends on the type of material from which its made. The easiest and best method of cleaning is always listed in the description area of the throw when you purchase it at Terrys Fabrics. Most throws also have a tag attached that tells the best cleaning method and what to avoid. Examples of these tags might read, “Dry Clean Only,” “Hand Wash,” Machine Wash 40 degrees,”etc. Pay close attention to the care tag and write down the instructions if there's no tag attached. It will help you keep your throw looking beautiful for a much longer time. s

Throws and fading

Throws, like any fabric, are subject to fading. If you have it on the back of a sofa, particularly if the sofa is under a window, changing how its folded or flipping it frequently is important. If you leave it in place, never changing the way it's folded or which side is up, you'll find one area faded by the sun, with the area underneath looking pristine. That can spoil the throw and damage its life expectancy.

Beige Sofa, With Black Cushions And Grey Throw In Front Of A Bright Window

Take the throw off if you vacuum the sofa. At this time, rather than vacuum it to remove dust, it's best to take it outside and shake it thoroughly. You can also toss it into a dryer at a tumble only setting to remove dust, mites and debris that collected.

Throws and Cleaning Techniques

Some throws require dry cleaning, so cleaning up spills or small marks can be tricky. The type of cleaner you use for spot cleaning depends on the fabric. Wool, for instance, can be spot cleaned immediately with carbonated water of a two to one mix of water to vinegar. Finding the best method of spot cleaning depends on the type of fabric you have. Check the label.

One way to insure you're always going to maintain the fabric's integrity and have it last longer is to hand wash the throw in a mild detergent or washing-up liquid when you're concerned about thee durability of the fabric. Using less detergent is always the best.

Beige Tartan Throw On Top Of A Beige Sofa

That way it doesn't leave residue. Scrubbing the fibres together is unnecessary and can cause wear to the fabric. Rinse and hang to dry. For throws you're sure are durable and safe to wash, Put them in a separate load or with other items of like colour and weight of material. It helps to avoid high contrasting balls of threads forming on the throw.

Rotating your throws

Many people buy several decorative throws at one time and use them in the same room. A good method of protecting from sun damage, besides changing how you fold them, is to rotate the throws from chair or sofa to chair. By changing the position in the room, it changes the amount of sunlight that hits it. You can keep your throw looking like new with just a few easy steps. Rotate and fold it differently frequently, shake it out or tumble it once a week, wash or clean it when necessary and remove any spots as soon as you see them.

Low White Sofa Over Dark Hardwood Floor, With A Duck Egg Blue Throw

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