My current rug is a bit dishevelled, is it time to replace it?

When a rug shows noticeable signs of wear and tear, you'll be able to tell immediately that it's time for a new one. Of course, at our low prices, getting a brand new rug is often less expensive than you might think and can change the appearance of your room tremendously. Making a decision on when to purchase a new rug is one only you can make. If its appearance makes you unhappy or worried what people might think, it may be time. Try having it professionally dry cleaned first if it's not washable, and see the results afterwards if the rug is expensive enough to warrant the outlay.

Rug wear and tear

The wear and tear on a rug varies greatly by a number of things. The location of the rug is important. If it's under furniture or in a bedroom next to the bed where you only step on it getting in and out of bed, it probably won't show much wear. Having an anti-slip pad under the rug not only helps prevent accidents, it also keeps the rug looking nicer longer. Turning the rug frequently to avoid the same traffic area can also help extend it's life.


Rug stains and spills

Rugs that start holding stains, no matter how quickly you clean them or give them the appropriate care, are an indication that the rug is wearing out. If these are professionally dry cleaned and even the cleaner can get the stain to budge, it's time to look for a new rug.


Rug odour

One sign that's tough to pinpoint, but very crucial is rug odour. If you have a musty smelling rug that gets worse on days of high humidity, it's time for a change. Animal odour can find it's way into a rug too. Maybe you can't smell something, but your allergies are acting up, even when it's not normally allergy season. That can be because the rug has too accumulated allergens and pollen, making it an irritant for allergies. No matter what the reason, replacing a worn rug will add to the style and attractiveness of your home. Luckily, we have a wide variety of styles, colours and prices for rugs at Terrys Fabrics, so you should find something that fits your room and your budget perfectly.

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