How long can I expect my rug to last?

A rug can be a large investment for many people and so how long it might be going to last is a very relevant question. Most homes these days have several rugs in various rooms and these can be of very different types. When looking at how long your rug may last there are a huge amount of variables that need to be taken into account. Let's look at these in a little more detail and that should give an idea of the possible longevity of our rug. First we need to consider how the rug was made. Now this might seem like a silly question but it is one of the most important things that will impact on how long your rug will last.

Basic components in rug making vary not only from place to place but from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most people have seen or at least heard of expensive Persian rugs, well there is a reason that they are so expensive, in fact there are several reasons. First and foremost is the quality of the basic threads that are used in the making of these rugs, the wool, silk or cotton used is of the highest rating and the threads are hand spun to make sure they are long, strong and durable. These threads are then hand woven or hand knotted into complex patterns that are often several hundred years old.

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Then there is the intricacy of the patters that are used. Many of these patterns are memorised by the weaver and owned by certain families. They are often passed from one family member to the next, in this way they last for several hundred years.The complex patterns and designs of these and other hand made rugs are so time consuming that it can take up to 2 years to complete a 9ft x 12ft rug.

Obviously this will impact hugely on the price. Most people would consider a hand-made rug to be a very expensive commitment indeed. So, we have seen how the basic components and the quality of those components can affect the life of your hand made rug but what about my every day rug. Well the same basic rules apply. If your rug is made from high quality basic threads and woven in a good tight way then they should, with proper care last for a very long time. Cheaper rugs are obviously made from cheaper components, the threads used will be thinner, rougher and not of uniform shape and length.

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Often the weave contains less threads per inch, and the resulting fabric is less durable as these threads will be more prone to wear and tear over time. Man-made fibres are often used in the manufacture of many household items including rugs. A man-made fibre can be made to imitate virtually any natural fibre and can be extremely hard wearing.

Materials like rayon, polyester and nylon, or various combinations of these, can be fashioned into soft, pliable and tactile materials and, are also easy to dye and can easily be fashioned into many sizes and shapes, making these sorts of textiles suitable for a wide range of rugs. Man-made fabrics come in a wide range of prices, again depending on the quality of the basic elements and the quality of the threads made. The style of the manufacture of the rug is also relevant to price and longevity. We have looked at weaving, however, rugs can also be made by knotting fabric through a backing material which is then lined, again these types of rugs vary in price and longevity according to the base materials.

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Something else that will impact hugely on your the life expectancy of a rug is where it is placed in the home. If it is exposed to bright sunlight for long periods of time then it will suffer and this will show in disintegration of threads and bleaching out of colours.  Animals, children, heavy footfall and general wear and tear will all have an effect on the life of your rug.

Cleaning, whether by hoovering or washing will also impact on how long your rug might last. When choosing a rug think about where it is going to be placed. Opt for easy to clean materials for high-use areas and use higher quality rugs in lounges and bedrooms. Ensure you treat your rug with respect, care for it correctly and it should last for many years.

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