Wired for sound – the most amazing music rooms

Those who love music would give their hind legs to have a bespoke room dedicated to music; whether it be a place to play, record or simply chill out and listen to their favourite band or solo artist. Some people are luck enough to have such a room; these rooms are amazing – the sort many of us would die for!

Blue music room and work space with kitchen and sofa

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This music & chill out room is simply awesome.

Amazing luxury music room

Acid Cow

Serious music aficionados will savour every note listened to in this serene setting.

Basement music room with piano, guitar, drums and relaxing sofa space

Phoenix Book Tours

Cool den with musical instruments close to hand is the dream for many.

Music room with two large speakers

Acid Cow

Some serious bass beats in this room.

Loft mansion music room with grand piano, guitars and sofas

Topics USA

Refined elegance is found in this luxury living space.

Black and white music room with red drum kit and natural wood guitars

Pix Shark

Every band should have a practice room like this...if only!

Black, white and purple music room with grand piano and classic guitar

2014 Interior

Stylish chic embraced by musical talent.

Red velvet ottoman in the middle of a black music with grand piano

Lera Blog

Grand piano in a music nook of a beach house style living room

JPS Interactive

Luxury living with a grand piano ready to play whenever the mood takes you.

Loft music room and recording studio


Playing and recording studios don't get much better than this in the average home.

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