Where, why & how to display flowers in your home

Displaying flowers brings a touch of natural warmth and a sense of friendliness to your home. You don't need to be an expert flower arranger to make stunning displays. Even with the most basic of skills you can pop a few flowers into a vase and stick them on the table! However, finding the right spot to place them and a little knowledge of how and why should include them in your home is worth a little know-how.

Red tulips in a black vase in the kitchen

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Kitchens can be visually bland places, especially contemporary designs. Add some flowers to brighten up shelves or worktops to make the kitchen feel more homely. Plants that have air purifying qualities are great choices for kitchens. Succulents and cacti will thrive in the hot and humid conditions.

White flowers different types on a hall table

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Make a hallway look welcoming by using seasonal blooms. Use an arrangement which compliments the style of your décor and colour scheme. Typically taller flowers can be used in hallways.

Fresh flowers in the bathroom

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Bathrooms shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to fresh flowers. Scented flowers, such as freesias, lilies and lavender, are a great way to add a natural, sweet smelling fragrance.

Purple and white flowers in front of a window, with lemon slices in the vase too

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Some people believe that flowers and plants shouldn’t be included in bedroom décor, due to them using the oxygen in the air. Others think that fresh flowers and plants can, and should, be used in bedrooms! The choice is yours; if you do opt for floral displays in your bedroom use blooms that work well with your colour scheme, displaying them in vases that work with your décor, rather than against it. Lavender is a good choice, the scent is soothing and relaxing, and is said to help you sleep well.

Bright and fresh dining room conservatory with wooden table and green plants throughout

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Conservatories were originally designed as places to grow plants indoors, so it makes sense that you should include them! Consider the amount of heat build-up, especially during the summer, and choose plants and flowers that will thrive in these conditions. Exotics and plants such as some varieties of orchids are good choices.

White tulips on a dining table in a glass fish bowl style vase


Dining room tables can look bare without a centre piece, it's the ideal and most common place for people to display flowers. Go seasonal to add natural all-year round colour. Display in vases that highlight your decorating motif. This is one place where large vases can look stunning, but it's wise to keep their size proportional to the size of your table.

Two grey sofas with red flowers in the corner of the room

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Every living room should include fresh flowers and plants. They'll bring colour, freshness and organic form to the room. Use flowers and plants which pay homage to your decorating scheme. Display them in vases and vessels that add visual interest to the room.

Yellow, white and cream flowers arranged in three different teacups


Think outside the box when displaying flowers; pretty tea-cups, unusual shaped vases and vessels can all be used to add impact to a room. Try to avoid placing flowers in the most obvious places – table tops for example. Flowers have a natural ability to add colour to shady corners or draw the eye to focal points. Displaying in containers of uneven numbers (3, 5, 7) is a designer trick worth remembering!

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