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How to Decorate with Colour

Finally moved into the house of your dreams and found the interior design a bit drab and dreary? Luckily, learning how to decorate your home with colours that complement one another is easier than you think!

Whether you’re looking for a timeless and modern appearance, blending black and white, or want to try your hand at clashing prints for maximalism, we understand that revamping your space can be daunting. And, with colour proven to impact mood and emotion, decorating with colour in a way that uplifts your spirits is essential! 

So, whether you have plenty of experience in completely revitalising your space, or you want some inspiration, we’ve put together a series of tips on how to introduce various colours into your home. 

Open Up Your Space With White!

Clean, crisp, comfortable. These are all words we associate with white - making it the perfect base colour when decorating with colour. From cathartic paint on your walls through to calming furniture, there are endless possibilities when considering infusing white into your space! Whether you want to choose our elegant white bedding set or want something a bit more lively, such as this textured Applewood signature set, white is the perfect starting point for interior design!

Whether you’re going for the Scandinavian, maximalist, simply want timeless bedding that goes with absolutely anything - white is a versatile way to complement any decor. 

Add Colourful Accessories 

Brightly coloured cushions, curtains and throws are the perfect way to add some spice to your space. Whether you want plush comfort or simply need an extra pop of colour, accent cushions are a fantastic means of decorating with colour, especially if you carefully clash prints for a dramatic finish. 

Looking for something a tad more muted? Invest in a gorgeous, tasselled throw that complements every colour. Or, if you’re looking for a DIY project, you can invest in a range of exotic fabric, such as our Paradise fabric, a trendy floral pattern that is sure to catch your eye.

Become Sample Savvy

New to decorating your home, and not quite sure where to begin? Consider collecting samples! Whether you’re hunting for the final piece of the puzzle or you’re trying to push the boat out on an entirely new colour scheme, these will allow you to ensure your vision is cohesive. Plus, fabric samples are a great way to start a mood board, so you’ll be able to mix and match to your heart’s delight, and become an expert in decorating with colour in no time. 

Introduce Pops Of Yellow

Yellow is renowned for its warm and inviting charm, bringing sunlight to any space. So, whether you want a bit of cheer or your space needs a colour infusion, consider soft pastels, bold mustards, or lemony delights. Decorating your home is easier than ever with our statement pieces, from brilliant bedding to cosy curtain fabrics, meaning you can catch the eye of visitors while adding depth and dimension. 

Feel At Peace With Green

Trendy and tranquil, learning how to decorate with colour is easier than ever when selecting the colour green. Not only will this peaceful colour complement all of your plants, but it is available in a range of subtle designs that incorporate nature, whether in the form of foliage or flowers

For anyone looking to turn their bedroom into a serene sleep haven, this Meadowsweet floral design is the perfect way to subtly revitalise your space and decorate your home in a way that promotes harmony. 

Whether your favourite colour is black, blue or even green, our team at Terrys have a whole range of guides on nailing any interior design or colour scheme trend. 

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