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How to introduce colour into your home

Introducing new colours into your décor can be a daunting thought. After all, colour is often seen to affect mood and emotion, so decorating will create the ambiance for each room.

When choosing your home furnishings, colour is described to be the most important factor to consider. So whether you're making your way into the world of colour for the first time or looking for inspiration for your next home design project, our tips on how to introduce colour into your home are sure to come in hand!

Open up your space with white

Chevron Tuft Bedding Set White

It is well known that white is a popular base colour for your décor, often used as a paint or furniture colour. Why not go that one step further and completely open up your space by introducing a fresh white bedding set? Using white can create a clean and modern look in your bedroom, whilst also being the perfect base for your cushions and throws to take centre stage. Here is the Chevron bedding set in white, a pure cotton duvet set with a sumptuous chevron embellishment.

Add Colourful Accessories 

Perhaps the easiest way to introduce pops of colour into your home is through colour rich accessories. Rather than going all out and investing in a colourful furniture piece such as a sofa or chair, simply add some accent cushions or a throw to bring the colour into your décor. An added bonus of this, is that you can easily switch these out over time and create a fresh new look whenever you desire. One of our favourite colourful fabrics is the Paradise fabric, a trendy floral pattern that is sure to catch your eye.

Make use of samples


Gauging a colour from a computer or phone screen can be quite the tricky task. So it may not come as a surprise that the best way to decide on colours for your home is to collect a range of fabric samples and compare against the colour scheme of your home. So, get yourself a range of samples and see for yourself what colours work best!

Introduce pops of yellow

Yellow Roman Blinds

Often seen as a daring colour choice in the home, yellow is a warm and inviting colour that is becoming increasingly popular within the interior design world. Introducing tones of yellow whether is be ochre, or vibrant yellow, is a perfect way to create a statement in the home thus creating an uplifting and happy space. The Sassari roman blind features a beautiful floral design on a warming yellow backdrop, sure to catch the eye of whoever enters the room.

Feel at peace with green

Pacific Fabric Moonstone

Often associated with nature, green is not only a trendy design choice but can also evoke feelings of peace and tranquility. Introducing subtle leaf and foliage designs to your home can bring your closer to the outside world, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Here is the Pacific fabric, a 100% cotton material perfect for creating window treatments and accent cushions in the main rooms of your home.

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