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Black living room ideas for your home

Before you dismiss black – think again! Gone are the days of being fearful to go dark with your interior design. A little black magic goes a long way, especially when it comes to black living room ideas. The colour is not gloomy and overpowering, instead it is seductive and empowering. Rather than saturate your aesthetic, it will enhance it. Black is a shade you can trust and lean on, and best of all, it complements every style of interior too. Whether you opt for simple accents, or embrace it all the way, our black living room ideas will be enough to tempt you to the dark side!

A Timeless Pairing: Black and Grey

If you love all things contemporary – the black and grey combo is for you! Pick a dark grey to place alongside black. You will notice the distinction between the two is minimal. This works to establish a sharp and confident aesthetic. Perhaps these qualities mirror your personality? In that case, you can use both colours, to inject your personality into your living room. This is all the more true when you opt for dark grey walls and black furnishings. The unmatched combination works to establish beautiful silhouettes within a space.

Thankfully, the fun does not stop there with the pairing! You can utilise paler greys too if you want a softer and safer statement. This will create a contemporary farmhouse mood. If you incorporate in stark black décor against soft linen chairs, you will establish the perfect balance within a space. Alternatively, why not bring a third shade into the mix and go for a grey, black, and white living room? They all complement one another impeccably, for an ultra-modern and sensual living room, making anyone who enters it, fall in love!

Go Solo: Black All Around

When it comes to black living room ideas, it is only right that you indulge in a little boldness. If you are feeling daring, go all-out with a real gothic feel and spruce up your living room with black all around. We recommend opting for such a scheme, if you are a fan of all things organised and cohesive. From black walls to black furniture, your interiors will go from boring to sultry in seconds. If your living room is on the smaller side, do not be afraid to go for this look. In fact, going all-black can create the illusion that a room is bigger than it is!

If you fancy a little DIY, get the paintbrush out and brush on a coat of rich ebony on your furnishings. This could be anything from cabinets to chairs in the living room. Before you know it, your furniture will become stunning focal points, and no-one will be able to take their eyes off them!

The Contrast: Black and White

Monochromatic lounges are one of the most classic and eye-catching designs. They are two shades which work in absolute harmony. More importantly, what makes them so striking is they are on the opposite ends of the colour spectrum. This makes them the ultimate juxtaposition – but one that works spectacularly!

When it comes to the pairing, there is one rule to prevent your aesthetic from becoming unoriginal – go big on texture! It will mean that each use of black or white will feel unique from the next. You could bring this notion to life through refined black granite flooring, contrasted against dark-streaked white marble furnishings and panelled white walls. This will establish delicate shadow lines and references to black. Or why not opt for grain-rich ebony floors, against deep-pile velvet or Berber rugs? These texture combinations work to form the ideal blend of classic meets contemporary.

We all know black works with white. However, if you want to add a little warmth to a monochrome aesthetic, add in some wooden accents through décor and furnishings. Living rooms are intended to be cosy and inviting, and a little timber weaved in does exactly this! For instance, why not pop in a wooden cabinet and log pile? Elements as such will transform your lounge into an elegant space with rustic edge.

Opulence Heaven: Black and Gold

It is without doubt, there is nothing more luxurious than a black and gold colour scheme. Try to combine a blend of gold finishes. For instance, refined lamp bases, mirrored bases on coffee tables and on the frames of artwork. You could even incorporate traces of a matte gold finish, on smaller design elements such as light switches.

When it comes to fabric choices, gold is the perfect shade to play around with. For instance, pick up on the golden tones in the weave of a rug or cushion. This will help to bring together the whole black and gold colour scheme. Add class and femininity with a statement chandelier, for a space fit for entertaining!

Spice It Up: Black and Pink

Whilst black living room ideas are endless, if you really want to make a statement, opt for a black and pink aesthetic. For instance, you could create a jet-black feature wall and pair it with pops of hot pink. This is an effortless way to add drama to a space. Go all out with statement lighting too! A sparkling, black glass chandelier will add a gorgeous, glam element.

When choosing furniture, opt for a traditional sofa like a Chesterfield, but in a rich plum. This will keep the overall aesthetic modern. Decorate the sofa with cerise pink and patterned cushions of your choice. Show off accessories on simple, black floating shelves, which look fantastic mounted in a small alcove. If you have a hearth, plus room to flaunt decorations, go for an ornamental bowl in sparkling pink and fill it with tealights.

Focal Point: Black Furniture

Black furniture is often neglected. However, for those rejecting it, you are missing out! If you are not ready to go all black with your interior design, you could incorporate the shade through furnishings. A black sofa in a living room will make the biggest statement of all. If you have more than one couch, opt for one in black and the other in dark grey. This will prevent your lounge from coming off as too put-together.

If you take more to those dramatic, black living room ideas, keep furnishings very sculptural and slimline. This will crank up the heat on the drama of a dark space. Mid-century contemporary furniture, juxtaposed against a minimal space, creates a quirky contrast.

The Eyes of a Room: Black Window Treatments

If you are planning on keeping the majority of your living room neutral, black window treatments will feel less overpowering. For instance, rich patterns such as our Sorento curtain will add interest and dimension in your lounge. We recommend layering a patterned curtain like this, above neutral blinds like the Tyrone, for a multidimensional appearance.

Those among us who prefer a chic, extravagant look – silky, dark drapes are the way to go! They create the Hollywood Regency-inspired look, for that touch of romance in your living room! The Faux Silk curtain is style and opulence all in one, and in a black and gold lounge, it will look nothing short of spectacular!

In a monochromatic living room, use bold coloured blinds in red, to create a focal point. Our Elise roman blind will blend seamlessly with a black and white aesthetic, to energise the atmosphere.

Even if bold and bright colours are your thing, you are bound to fall in love with at least one of our black living room ideas. For those on the hunt for a shade, to elevate their space – this one is for you! From simple to sultry, the choice is endless when it comes to this liberating colour. You can either go all the way with black or just add a touch of it. Either way, your living room will be one to remember! So, are you ready to join the dark side?

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