What's your interior design style? Coastal & beach

It seems appropriate during summer to talk about coastal and beach interior design ideas. You don't have to live by the ocean to have this chic style in your home; may be you live near a lake or a babbling brook, or maybe nowhere near the water at all!

The basics: This interior design style should be all about rest and relaxation using gentle pale colours teamed with white for a crisp clean look. If you think white on appropriate then a pale tan sandy colour is also a great choice. The coastal and beach theme predominately reflects things that you'd find at the beach, however today's choices mean that this is not a cheap and tacky looking interior design style far from it, with clever colour combinations and choices of discount curtain fabrics online and furnishings you can create a very chic and stylish interior which has stood the test of time and remains a popular interior design style.

Colour: Think along the lines of oceanic blues; These are not wishy-washy pastel colours but a few shades darker or teal shades (a mixture of green and blue). If you're going for tan rather than white then don't restrict yourself to beige, there are some beautiful colour shades available which are reminiscent of soft light sand which are more appropriate for this style. If you are going for white make sure you use brilliant bright white and not antique white or egg shell white as these will simply look dirty! Teal curtains and a teal rug used with white will provide a beach theme which is a little more unusual and contemporary than pale sky blues and white.

Textures: Use a mixture of textures to create a wonderful beach theme. Think of the coarse grains of sand and team with the smoothness of driftwood and water. Don't add too many man-made textures as the beach is a place of natural beauty which shouldn't be spoilt by too many unnatural materials.

Surfaces: Keep surfaces clutter free and strategically place beach themed objects of interest around the room. Again think of the smoothness of driftwood with maybe a few ripples representing the ocean. Light ash or beech are ideal materials for furniture and flooring.

Get the look: You don't have to cover your home with sea shells to achieve this look, however, you should have some beautiful shells which should be displayed in glass cabinets or under glass domes. Opt for sheer lightweight voile panels so that they catch the breeze when the windows are open to give you a reminder of a gentle sea breeze.

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