Turning over a new leaf in interior design

If you're looking for some interior design inspiration and have vowed to turn over a new leaf this year we have some exciting, yet practical and achievable ideas to share with you this week. We began with taking a look at what drives the styles and trends and offer ways for you to adopt or adapt them to suit your home and your budget.

Colours Inspired by Nature

This trend remains big this year, with designers still concentrating and focusing on earth tones, however, as we saw last week these have been pepped-up to include Tangerine Tango, lavenders and purple.

Patterns and Prints

Designers have been using nature inspired prints and pattern for decade – think back to the Arts & Crafts, William Morris etc. This year prints and patterns derived and inspired by nature is gaining popularity, the only difference is this year the single large floral bloom prints are on the decline and smaller patterns are bang on-trend.

Flowing Water

This year the natural elements come into play, especially water – so include clear glass and water droplet shapes, blues and greens and you'll be keeping up with the current trends.

Faux (fake)

Faux is also set to be big this year, we'll be seeing more faux wood – which has been given its French name Faux Bois because it sounds more trendy! These Faux Bois items represent, not replicate, wood, flora and fauna in a variety of mediums including metallic accessories. However, you'll need to choose your Faux Bois accessories wisely as there's a marked difference between cool and chic and tacky and kitsch!

Get the Style

Choose fabrics and materials made from natural components whenever you can. Send or request free fabric samples so that you can see the quality of the cloth so to speak.


We keep saying that this is a big trend in interior design and we're saying it again! Turn over a new leaf and make an effort to recycle and up-cycle to help reduce waste – this a particularly poignant attitude to adopt with current economic climate hitting many of us harder this year. Re-upholster chairs, make cheap cushions and look for rugs direct to help reduce air-miles.

Energy Efficiency

This is another area which remains on-trend – we all want to save on fuel bills and use the most efficient appliances – you won't be viewed as a 'skin flint' as this trend is so 'hot' you'd be wasting money if you don't turn over a new leaf and be more energy efficient this year.

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