Top interior design tips for august - protecting your furnishings from harsh sun

So you have been busy preparing for the summer - buying new swimwear, setting up the barbecue and clearing the freezer for more lollipop space. The question is - have you thought about how the sun can damage your furnishings? Just as we British have a tendency to burn and even blister with the hottest of days - our homes can be at risk too.

Your prized possessions can fade and be spoiled with too much exposure to the sun and UV rays. It is really worth reading through our next set of August tips if you want your home to look just as good for the rest of the year and beyond!

Protecting Outdoor Furnishings

Just as you would need to protect your outdoor furniture during the rainy seasons, there are some special considerations for August too when the sun's rays are at their strongest. Hopefully you will be spending a lot of time on the terrace and in the garden - so you want things to look their best!

  • You should give a coat of protection to wood furniture at the beginning of each season to help protect from the weather. Depending what wood or material furniture you have will give specific answers to the protection to use.
  • Continue to use your waterproof cover throughout the summer months which will protect furnishings from the strong rays of the sun too. Not only will it protect from the sun but keep your furniture clean.
  • Don't forget to apply a protection to cheap cushion covers which can soon fade with the sun. Do this at the beginning of the summer and it should see through to the winter. Make sure to apply on either side of the cushion and get right at the edges too.

Protecting Indoor Furnishings

It can be easy to forget that the sun has its rays and evil way of fading furnishings on the inside of our home as well as the outside. It doesn't cost the earth or take too much of your precious summer time to make some preparations and protect your possessions.

  • Sheer curtains or ready made blinds added to your existing window treatments will help with light and sun control without looking too stuffy in a relaxed summer setting.
  • If you are really concerned about the amount of sun beating down onto windows you can seek out a professional to place an adhesive protection film to the inner side of the window. The darker the film is the more sun it will dispel but it doesn't look all that attractive.
  • Curtains can protect your furnishings when they are fully drawn during the daytime. This will also help to keep the rooms of the house cooler for the evening. Another option for those on a budget is cheap Venetian blinds which can act as a total sunblock when fully closed.

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