Tips to using metallics in your guest room

Guests will love the feeling of luxury created by the use of metallic décor. They'll think they've checked into a five star hotel and recognize your sense of style and elegance. Whether you use metallic accessories such as large rugs, curtain poles or bedding, or create a room filled with rich deep metallic tones, you'll increase the room's appeal and create a beckoning haven for weary visitors.

Rich copper tones blend well with white, blue, pink and rich wood tones but also flatter many other colours. You can use copper duvet sets to accent a bedroom, pulling in the tones with copper curtain poles or curtains. However, a copper bed frame with white duvet sets and copper, blush and rich brown accent pillows can be the start of a spectacular look.

Don't forget to warm the floor with a large rug pulling in all the colours for a finished look. Silver, black and/or white creates an ultra modern look for a guest bedroom. For a lighter, more elegant room, use white and silver with minute splashes of black. However if dramatic richness is your goal, you can mix black and silver accessories with rich wood tones.

This can create an ultra modern look if you stick with geometric designs and straight lines or a rich traditional appearance when you have smooth flowing lines throughout the room. An all silver room, from duvet sets to curtain poles, accented with a bit of white is also a stunning combination. Guest rooms using gold metallic fabric and accessories will make your welcome visitors feel like kings. For a contemporary look, use gold wall covering on one or two of the walls, accenting it with white trim.

For the other walls, use white. Create the rest of the bedroom with a mix of white and gold. You can use gold accent pillows with a white downy comforter or reverse it using gold as the prominent colour with white accenting it. Rich chocolate brown, wood tones, peach and royal blue also work well as accents to a white and gold room. Bronze works well for use as an accent or primary colour for a guest room.

You'll find mixing the bronze with a variety of tones from rich chocolate to pale tan can create an exciting yet soothing look. To enhance the area and bring a bit of colour, add turquoise or sky blue accents.

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