Timeless interior design themes 6: swedish

If you're looking for a light, airy and elegant interior design theme for your home than Swedish inspiration may just be what you're looking for. This popular style can be traditional or contemporary which offers a refreshing atmosphere and look to your home.


Neoclassical shapes are at the forefront of traditional Swedish interiors, while modular furniture and clean sleek lines are perfect for modern and contemporary living spaces. Add interest with round faced clocks, coffee tables and rugs to break up plain flooring.


White is the principle colour, although natural patina of paintwork is acceptable. All white interiors can look a little clinical and stark, so take a guide from the Swedish and inject subtle shades of blue, grey or green. Touches of gold are also hallmarks of Swedish interiors, particularly those which lean towards a Gustavian inspired interior.


Crystals are a must, whether you use a traditional or contemporary chandelier, wall-sconces and tear-drop jewelled table lamp shades. The use of crystal is essential as the light reflects from the cut surfaces to help maintain and enhance the light and airy ambience.


Try and use natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, linen for all of your soft furnishings. Sheer fabrics are perfect additions to any room and can be used in combination with fresh, crisp white linen to add texture to a room. Architectural details: Ornamentation in the form of plaster mouldings is found in traditional Swedish homes, especially those with a Gustavian slant. Mouldings are seen on ceilings and walls in main living areas.

Window dressings

If you have beautiful mouldings and window frames you may be reluctant to cover them with swathes of curtain fabrics. Voile panels are the ideal alternatives and if you need privacy a combination of window blinds and voiles will look stunning. Roman blinds placed inside the window recess is another great window dressing option. Make your own Roman blinds by choosing curtain fabrics online in a fabric and colour (white) which compliments and coordinates with your other soft furnishings and furniture. Swedish interior design style tips: In the bedroom use a half crescent corona styled bed canopy, it's typically Gustavian and adds an elegant and refined look to bedrooms. Ornate gilded mirrors can be placed over fireplaces to help bounce natural and artificial light around your rooms. Blue porcelain ornaments will look at home in both traditional and contemporary interiors.

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