The ipad: the death of the study?

On entering my local coffee shop the other day, I found myself rubbing my eyes, performing a cartoon-esque double take then backing up ‘moonwalk style’ to check the sign above the entrance.

Expecting to find PC World (or any other reputable computer retailer), I was amazed that it was indeed still the coffee shop. Yet, inside was a sea of laptops, tablets, smartphones, whirring digital noises, multiple ringtone medleys and a tip-tap-typing of keys. When someone offered me a drink and not a software upgrade, I nearly fell off my chair in shock.

And they were all there; the suited and booted types staring intently at spread sheets on their Notebooks, the carefully dishevelled hipsters doing arty things on their Macs, a smartly dressed lady pondering over a particularly complex Sudoku on her Android, and an elderly couple bickering over whose turn it was to play Angry Birds on the iPad.

It dawned on me at that point that the coffee shop IS the new office. In fact, thanks to teeny tiny, lightweight mobile gadgets, 3G and Wi-Fi - anywhere is the new office. The desk top has become a thing of the past, which means so has having to sit in a specific location to carry out work. People sit with their numerous devices in bed, in front of the TV, at the kitchen table… but are no longer tied to the computer desk. What then becomes of our derelict, lonely, sad, redundant studies? Here are a few options:

Reading room

Your very own library. Stack floor to ceiling with book shelves, add in a comfy chair, some directional lighting and you can whisk away hours lost within your favourite fiction. And should you still require somewhere to do work, this is a place of permanent peace and tranquillity (with oodles of storage).

Large home library, floor to ceiling white book shelves

Breakfast room

Having the space to sit down, without having to precariously balance a laptop upon your knee is important to some, but not a space required for the majority of the day. Turning a study into a breakfast room creates a space that can be enjoyed by all the family, but once they’ve all left for school and work, provides a comfortable, practical location for you to carry out your work from. And is close to the kitchen for coffee... and cheaper than Starbucks!

A lovely breakfast room

Cinema room

We generally watch movies on evenings, weekends and, well… when we’re hung-over. Conveniently, these are the time we do little/absolutely no work. Meaning that equipping your study with a projector and a white screen, a few comfy chairs or bean bags will create the perfect ‘home cinema’ experience for such times.

Home cinema

Dressing room

Which takes up more room; a laptop, phone, maybe a folder and few wires OR your clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, belts, scarfs and makeup? Umm hmm, thought so. If you’re prepared and able to do your work you on the kitchen table, then you could transform an old study into a fabulous walk in wardrobe or dressing room. Oh, think of the space, think of the glamour! [pic4]

Dressing room

Games room

With the weather being constantly grim and going out being increasingly expensive, it’s nice to have a space at home where you can hang out with friends, maybe play some pool and have a few drinks. A games room is a perfect opportunity to do this, as well as allowing you to keep much needed storage space it provides a potential surface to work on, should you need it.

Games Room

Guest room

Guest rooms are always handy, but can sometimes feel like a wasted space if it’s only ever Grandma that stays there on Christmas Eve. By taking your current study, and downscaling the desk size and adding in a bed you will have an office and storage when you need it and a spare room ready for those expected (and unexpected) visitors.

Guest room

Home Gym

If you’re sitting down most of the day, browsing the internet, laughing at things on Facebook and of course sending the odd work related email – then you probably need to do some exercise (no judgement, just an observation). Within the room, or even the space that your desk was previously, there is potential home for a treadmill, a rower, or even some weights.

Home Gym

Music Room

Whether you play an instrument or really rather prefer to listen to the experts play theirs, a music room is a great inclusion to your home. It allows you to play/listen to music without disturbing too many other members of the household. It gives you a place to store your vinyls, CD’s, and instruments where they are accessible organised. Meaning that you’re likely to use them all that more often. You’ll probably become a rock star too… maybe.

Music Room


As opposed to having as small room to shut yourself in, away from the children and their noises, why not have one to shut them in (in the nicest possible way). A playroom they can use as they want and that contains all their toys, while you have the rest of the house to peacefully work within. [pic9]

Play room

Shower room

If you’re confident that the study you have is completely unused, and it’s merely collecting cobwebs like Miss Havisham’s wedding table. If, in fact, you forgot it was there until you just read this blog… then why not do away with it completely?! Treat yourself to some luxury with a wet room. An ensuite wet room, no less (that’s if your study is currently attached to your bedroom, of course). After all, with those long hard days of sitting in coffee shops, working away and sipping skinny lattes, you’ll need a space to unwind and de-stress.

Wet room

What would you do with your extra space?

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