Taste, touch and texture

Your taste for interiors is who you are, your touch is what mark you make and texture is what helps many of us expressively feel what you feel. Being creative by nature I am always intrigued not only by images that are very visual and connective to new ideas and inspiration, but also to textures and natural surface pattern’s that can be discovered in objects we come across day to day . Recently I found my creative curiosity had led me to a blog article written by the Roving reporter of My friend’s house titled Textures You May Have Missed House tiled in wooden on the exterior, looks like owl feathers In the article the anonymous roving reporter curiously expressed the odd characteristic of an old chum who as a way to describe an awkward situation holds a palm up to the air strokes the other hand and whispers the word “Texture”. Now moving on from the whole waving of arms and feeling socially awkward as it was put, where the real interest lies is in the true meaning behind the article to uncover and rediscover our own admiration for textures that can simply go unnoticed.

Though in the end the question is raised “Where can you experience these textures in full (with no social awkwardness)?” the answer has to be right at home. After being inspired by such a topic I set out to find some texturised Interiors and Home accessories that are sure to appeal to those of you who want to add these touchy feely characteristics to your own personalised living space. White overlapping tiles on a wall, which looks like owl feathers

Source: Pinterest

Like the beautiful wood shingle cladding it’s easy to see that the inspiration for a repeat scallop pattern has not only been created for the outside of your home but also the inside as well with this scallop wallpaper. The neutral cream shade of the paper and cast shadow of the scallop shapes truly gives this wall dimension and also radiates this urge and curiosity to wonder up for a closer look. Wavy pattern on beige cushions, and a gold feathered design lamp shade Not only is the scallop pattern used in printed papers to illustrate our walls but it also inspires many other home accessory items created by contemporary designers and makers in items such as these navy, red and grey scallop print pillows by Charlene Mullen, shaped metal light shades and more. Modern bedroom with cream and white bedding and green footstool at the bottom of the bed

Source: Desire to Inspire

As children we were forever curious and inquisitive as to the touch or feel of everything around us, as time goes by and we grow older these sensations can become easily taken for granted and forgotten.

However just imagine the feeling of a woven knit cream rug spread across your bedroom or living room floor, waking up in the morning to the patterns and softness beneath your toes and defining with your feet each weave in the fabric throughout the day as you potter about your home.

It’s a calming and comforting touch and is surely a new found texture you’ll want to add to your home not only for children to discover but for yourself as well. White ceramic vases and lampshades, with a unusual textured pattern Another woven textural pattern I have discovered a new found appreciation for is Lace, as seen here not only can this intricately crafted stitch be used in curtains and fabric drapery’s to add distinctive detail and charm to your window areas, but is also being applied to many new innovative ceramic items to use around your home.

The two pure white ceramic lamp and vase pieces above are embossed with the close up detail and impression of the traditional lace, to add to these beautiful home items the clay used to sculpt their form and capture the pattern is dimensional therefore this again makes it a texture inspired piece anyone would want to get their hands on. Collage of white bedding and accessories Rustic living room interior with exposed brick and crumbling paintwork, with grey sofa and oval coffee table

Source: Red Glasses Blog

On a side note it might be an interesting idea and concept of taking your journey for texture that one step further and exposing yourself to what’s beneath the surface of your home. Chipping away and unearthing the familiarity of its own unique pre-existing brick work, surfaces and touch. If you are the type of person who prefers a calmer and natural earthy approach to home décor, then by pulling away old wallpapers or paintwork and re-exposing the foundation of an aspect of your home can create a whole new atmosphere too truly be bathed in. Trendy industrial bedroom with wooden floors, exposed cream bricks and distressed ceiling beams

Source: At Home in Love

Depending on how you approach this pursuit for texture in any aspect of your home, different effects can be gained by bringing out the brickwork. You can either leave only parts of the wall uncovered giving it a very rough and distinctive look or go all the away to the edges of the wall and recover the surfaces in any colour palette of your choice.

This way the pattern and character of the brick handy work still remains though the texture is prominent whilst suiting your own personal tastes. There are so many endless possibilities for incorporating the admiration for textures and surface patterns into the design and decoration of your home and without a doubt any who stumble upon not only the outside but inside will feel the same also.

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