Stimulate your vision using colours on colours

Colour surrounds us, be inspired to move out of your comfort zone and use bright colours on colours to stimulate your vision and boost your mood. Multi coloured bubble sofa with snakelike bands creating a sofa shape

Architecture 1100

Bright bolds are brought together to sit side-by-side in a kaleidoscope of magnificent colours. Dark grey living room with yellow and pink accessories

Inspire Bohemia

Bring dark colours alive with blasts of vibrant colours that enhance and excite. Modern white bedroom with orange bed and yellow canopy

Lush Home

Use tonal colours to achieve a well balanced and harmonious look. Light green living room with cream arm chair and a number of stuffed toys


Acid lime and teal are fabulous colour combinations that are given an extra lift with a black accent. Green, yellow, blue and purple room with purple armchair


Be inspired by the Mexicans to create a room that packed with gorgeous colours. Cream kids playroom with lots of colour used throughout, including orange, red and green

Home Designing

Large rugs are a great way to inject vibrant colours into a room. Cream sofa and two red arm chairs in a living room with light green ceiling, pink fireplace wall and orange dividing screen

Pleasant Living Home

Colour blocking is a great decorating style that doesn't bombard the eyes with too much pattern.

Bring a room alive instantly with vibrant accessories. White kitchen with green, yellow, coral and blue breakfast bar stools

Country Living

Using brightly coloured furniture is a great way to add vibrancy to a home. Bathroom with black bathtub, and multicoloured bright shelves and matching striped wallpaper above the architrave

Bathroom Modern

Give a bathroom a zing with bold coloured stripes. Rainbow bright living room with bright cushions and accessories in a white shelving unit

House To Home

Add a cacophony of colour to create a cheerful and mood lifting home. Sixties style room with round bed platform and lots of bright colours on the walls

Theme Rooms

Teens will love a bedroom that's full of vibrant colours like this one.

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