Spring interior design ideas 3: relaxed and casual

As Spring officially started yesterday we can keep our fingers crossed that warmer weather is on it's way very soon. We've already touched on the rituals of Spring cleaning in previous posts, so we won't re-trace those steps. Just a gentle reminder though – throws open your windows and say goodbye to the stale winter air and let the breeze fill your home with fresh air! You can also start saying goodbye to your winter soft furnishings as you won't need to bring them out of hibernation until Autumn.

Make sure that you wash and dry winter curtains and duvet cover sets before packing them away. If you have bedding blankets which contain natural materials, especially wool, it's also a good idea to use some type of month repellent – it doesn't have to be 'old fashioned paradichlorobenzene, which is the moth repellent used by great aunts or grandmothers with the very distinctive 'moth ball' odour! Today cedar blocks, shavings or oil can be used to kill both moths and their larva and smell much nicer!

Winter curtains can be replaced with cheap curtains in lightweight, soft voiles, if you need privacy go for the lined voile option. Freshen up your sofa and chairs with Spring themed cushion covers and causal throws – the evenings are still chilly so a throw is handy not only to give an instant makeover to your furniture but also to snuggle into during the cooler evenings.

To keep your room looking relaxed and casual try using large rugs with a simple stripe pattern or those with a plain centre and a coloured or patterned border. This will help to ground your new colour scheme. Try and keep your colour scheme light and airy to give a sense of openness and more space. If you're going to redecorate try sticking to neutrals such as on-trend misty greys, off-whites or pastel tones, as you'll be able to swap soft furnishings without any trouble of coordination as the seasons change.

With more people not having the opportunity to move home as frequently as they did in the past, the interior design ideas of changing soft furnishings and accessories to suit the seasons is seeing somewhat of a revival – it's a great way to help prevent you from becoming bored with your home and keeping it up to date - furthermore you don't have to spend a fortune when doing it.

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