Spring interior design ideas: 1 – blossoms

Spring has sprung which means our morale is lifted as we look forward to seeing trees filled with blossoms in the most delicate pinks and whites. Daffodils, snowdrops and tulips are popping their heads out to say 'hello' and our world is transforming itself bringing with it a multitude of beautiful colours provide by Mother Nature.

For this post we're going to focus our attentions on blossom and offer interior design ideas and suggestions on how you can bring a touch of Spring into your home. Large floral prints on fabrics are on-trend again this year, making a bold statement in our homes. Pops of sherbet pinks are coordinated with apple greens to create a colour scheme which is becoming a timeless classic.

Country cottage styled interiors and a mix of Shabby Chic also remain on-trend. To give them a fresh new look large pieces of wall art are displayed and paired with fresh flowers and bud bearing branches. Fabrics have a natural look in creamy hues with single blooms being magnified to give a new dimension and depth.

Single curtains are also being used rather than the traditional pairs. These extra large curtains usually have a simple heading and are being threaded directly onto wooden curtain poles rather than having the more traditional curtain rings. As the top part of the curtain remains in place the curtain is opened by sweeping it to one side from about a third of the way down and held in place with a large tassel tie-back.

On stone or wooden floors large rugs with a floral bloom or simple pattern are used to give a homely feel to living rooms and bedrooms. With a mixture of different furniture, some old and some new, homes can easily and affordably be transformed into a 'picture' of Spring.

Accessories can be kept simple to give an open airiness to rooms; those that are used can also show hints of Spring in their pattern and colour along with suggestions of warm sunny days approaching fast, such as nonchalantly placed straw hats, to give us 'something' to look forward to despite the difficulties many of us are facing this year. With good old British resolve and steadfastness your interior design ideas can give you positive, forward thinking and bring a refreshing new look to the heart of your home.

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