Sophisticated and modern dressings for bay windows

Bay windows offer a unique expanse of window to maximise the feeling of light and space within a room. Their unique shape creates a natural focal point and a beautiful area for seating, dressing tables or a simple console table. Although a charming feature in any home, difficulties do arise when looking to dress the space with curtains or blinds.

The sheer amount of fabric required to cover such a large window can lead to over the top and expensive mistakes. This article aims to take you through some simple tips on how to best choose curtains or blinds for both a traditional or contemporary home.

Curtains provide a luxurious and flexible window dressing for any style property and are particularly suited for bedrooms and living rooms where a more relaxed and comfortable feeling is desired. As touched upon, however, when used for bay windows they require a lot of fabric and consequently impact greatly on the overall finish of the room. Generally speaking, avoid dark or particularly bold patterns for your curtains as this will have the effect of darkening and enclosing the space.

Instead, if you would still like to inject a strong colour or design, choose a fabric with a light background or use this fabric as a border or strip on a lighter plain set of curtains. Vertical patterns such as stripes and trellises can work particularly well as they accentuate the height of the bay and consequently help to maximise the feeling of space. Similarly, avoid horizontal patterns as these can look clumsy if not lined up perfectly.

Alongside the choice of fabric, it is also important to consider the effect of the style of curtain you choose.Simple pencil pleat or triple pleat curtains offer a classic finish and can be pushed back to the extremes of the bay easily.Slot top and tab top curtains do not push back as easily and consequently, because of the amount of fabric within these large curtains, are not recommended.

Eyelet curtains are a great option for a contemporary home as these will push back very well and their simple style creates a minimalist finish.Alongside the choice of headings it is also worthwhile considering whether to place two curtains at the extremes of the bay or to have two smaller curtains within the central section as well.Dependant on your choice of fabric and heading; having just two curtains can look very bulky and out of proportion.

Having four curtains however can cover a lot more of the window area and thus reduce the amount of light entering the room.

For a sleeker finish, blinds can also offer a great alternative for a bay window although, because of their angular and linear forms, it is advised to stick to a plain fabric to maintain the crisp and balanced finish. Roman and venetian blinds are particularly successful within a bay window and can similarly be used with dress curtains for a high design finish.  Terrys supply a wide range of Bay Window Curtain Poles.

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