Simplicity is the key 5 – simplicity is the key to staying within your comfort zone

You have an interest in home decorating but you find the contemporary and modern styles today overwhelming. The minimalist living movement makes you feel cold and lost within your home, the latest trends such as daring wallpaper makes you feel queasy and the pressure to choose a theme and have it work is immense.

All you want is a simple decorating plan that will look good without too much effort and one that makes you ultimately comfortable and at ease. Staying within your comfort zone when decorating doesn't mean you can't work with some contemporary styles and modern living ideals - just introduce them to your home slowly so that you have time to adjust.

We have some good advice for those who love the idea of decorating but don't know where or how to get started. Plus we will be looking at how you can make your home as warm and welcoming as possible. You will be taking a casual approach to your interior decorating.

Details throughout your home will be simple, fabrics will have some textured quality, lines will be soft rather than harsh, upholstered furnitures will be low and plush. Your style of comfortable decorating could show some similarities to that of country, rustic or cottage décor. Here are a few tips to make these ideas a reality:

  • Take one very comfortable sofa and use cheap cushion covers to give it a new look. This will also give you a chance to play with colour. If you have a neutral sofa, why not buy some cushion covers in a soft pastel to begin with and once you find a shade you like it is possible to go brighter or bolder as time passes.
  • Through using fabrics made from natural materials you have your nail in contemporary green living. Cotton and wool are both very comfortable for bedding and sofa fabrics - look out for those with an interesting weave or simple embroidered pattern to add interest.
  • When arranging furnitures, try to have them placed so that they cut off harsh lines or corners - this can make a space instantly more cosy and effortless.
  • For casual window treatments try ready made blinds that provide you with both privacy and good light control. You can make everything appear softer by placing draped eyelet curtains ready made at either side. You might not feel ready to experiment with pattern but consider adding a trim to blinds for a little colour contrast.
  • You can make wonderful decorative displays with simple items such as flower arrangements, candles, family photos or artworks created by a member of the family. However, if you are keen to try something contemporary the easiest route is through accessories that won't change the entire look of your home.

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