Quick fix fabrics!

Redecorating a property can be a costly, time consuming and for some, a daunting experience. The trouble with it is, is once you have started there is no going back! Peel off that first tantalising strip of loose wallpaper and you have committed yourself to a long and arduous task.

As calling in an interior design team to magically whip your home into shape would be out of the majority of people’s budget, and time off work an unlikely option, your precious free time will be at stake. Whilst no doubt an ultimately rewarding process in the long term both financially and aesthetically, serious consideration of many aspects should be given. For example what effect will it have on each family member- do any of them have impending exams or perhaps work from home? Have you properly added up the cost, are you sure you have the finance available to see the project through- we have all seen half done homes which will never be finished. The final question to ask is does your home really need a major overhaul?

Rejuvenating soft furnishings

If a little rejuvenation is all that is in order, an update of your soft furnishings could be just the ticket. How much of a difference can that make you may ask. Well look around you, you will be surprised just how much fabric is on how throughout your home. Imagine the difference a new set of drapes or new curtain fabric could make to a tired old window. An old couch can be brought back to life with some eye catching pillows or, for the more adventurous a complete recovering.

A trade secret for stunning couches is to keep an eye out for interestingly shaped old suites that may be collecting dust in charity shops or flea markets. Don’t worry if they are a little tatty, as long as they still hold their shape. You could pick one up for pennies, choose a fabric you love, have the couch recovered and for a fraction of the cost you have a focal point in your home that you can be sure is a complete on off.

Staging a home with fabrics

Fabrics are extremely handy if you want to stage a property that you intend to sell or rent out (or you simply do not want to commit to a style for too long) as they are temporary and easily removed. A feature wall covered in Edwardian print wallpaper my look exquisite but it is a permanent feature. Some strips of fabric stretched over a board which then hung from a wall provides just as good an effect and is easily removed in seconds.

Updating your home with soft furnishing and fabrics is easily the most fun way to do it. It cuts out all of the heavy lifting, the lost days waiting for delivery vans that never seem to show. It requires no more than a little inspiration coupled with a spot of retail therapy- which nowadays, to the absolute relief of every man in trousers, does not have to mean a weekend looking forlorn in department stores- a quick scroll of the mouse should do the trick. Don’t work too hard now!

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