Promoting wellness in your home

Your home is a place were you should feel safe, secure, comfortable and healthy, and yet many people don't realise that their home is potentially making them ill. This isn't purely down to hygiene, colour, furnishings and surfaces can all have a dramatic impact of your physical and emotional well-being.

Mattresses Flea and mites on a mattress

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Flea and mite resistant mattresses can improve your health. Those little fleas love to bite while you’re asleep, leaving you feeling pretty poorly. The mites feast off dead skin cells, making you mattresses an ideal habitat for them. They may not bite you, but they can lead to breathing problems. The latest lavender infused mattresses are great at keep mosquito away in the summer, giving you a more restful nights sleep.

Light Baths Dark bathroom with purple mood lighting within the bath tub


These baths are great for creating the ideal de-stressing, relaxing bath. For centuries the benefits of warm water has been known, add in gentle, soothing colours and you'll be giving yourself the ultimate bathing experience to promote wellness.

Plant Inclusion Cream living room with sofa and curtains in background and a flower in the foreground

Indoor Plant Tips

Plants not only look good when they are well cared for, they also have other benefits to your health. They can help purify the air; refresh the air by taking away harmful carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen (some types of orchids do this very well; they release water which can reduce dry coughs, sore throats and dry skin; and plants are soothing to the mind. Research has shown that including plants n your home can lower blood pressure and heart rate and decrease anxiety.

Colour Therapy Lots of bright objects in a white wall shelf unit, with coloured cushions on a white sofa

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Colour therapy isn't confined to bath water. The colours you choose for your walls, flooring, furniture and accessories can be helpful or harmful to your health. Cool colours such as green and blue are good for creating a calming ambience. Ramp up the colour saturation and your mind could begin to spin, and make you feel ill! Yellow, for example, has been found to make babies cry, so if you want to use these colours be careful which rooms you use them and the amount of saturation in them (the more saturated the colour the more intense). Bright colours are known to lift the spirits, but go gently or you may give yourself a headache!

Tactile Surfaces Different cushions on a beige sofa

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Touch plays a huge role in our well-being. Soft textures, such as velour, silk, satin and velvet, can bring a sense of calm, so use them for cushions and throws so that when you need soothing you can run your fingers over the surface to give you the feel good factor.

Mosquito Blinds Mosquito net on a window

Insect Screen Mosquito Net

We all dislike being annoyed and bitten by mosquito. Recent news of the Zika virus borne by the mosquito means we should perhaps all be a little more cautious. Mosquito blinds and door screens will allow you to open windows to let fresh air into your home without the fear of flying insects entering uninvited.

Natural Light Sloping roof with exposed wood beams, above a bright bedroom window style=

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Coloured lighting is beneficial to your health, but natural light, particularly sunshine, is even better for you. Let as much light into your home as possible to reap the natural healing powers natural light possesses. Deprived of natural light and you can soon begin to feel sluggish, and experience low morale.

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