New colours for summer 1: clay

One colour which will always go well with any room in the house has to be clay. Clay colour is actually more of an 'off-white' and creates a contemporary and simplistic approach to any room. A really good room for you to start with your clay colour ideas is the bedroom. Firstly, because clay is such an easy colour to work with you can quite confidently paint or wallpaper the walls with this one single colour. If you have a large bedroom you may want to break up these walls and contrast the clay with colours such as dark grey or even black.

Remember this is a simplistic approach that you will be going for with your clay colours so try to make everything is clean and as organised as possible. Whilst most of us would like to enjoy an organised and easy bedroom to work with, the truth of the matter is that many of our day-to-day items are often sitting on shelves with clothes hanging in view and books on the bedside cabinet. There is a really simple solution to storage problems in a bedroom and this is through the use of a small table that doubles up as a storage unit.

You can actually pick up these tables relatively cheaply and if they do not have the colour that you are looking for simply use the same shade of paint that you use on the walls to achieve that perfect contrast. Other colours that look great with clay are greys and even pine colours. Choose a suitable designer rug the same width as your bed and place this at the foot, this is where your new storage table will sit. There are many different ways that you can go with your clay design ideas but a really nice finishing touch is to purchase matching bedside table lamps UK to create that warm and contemporary look that many of us are looking for.

Finally after you have adorned your walls with off-white and maybe even purchased a few accessories to liven up the room, you then need to consider the most prominent feature in the bedroom which is quite clearly the bed itself. To get some inspiration for your new luxury bedroom simply take a look online at the hundreds, if not thousands of different and wonderful interior design ideas for you to take inspiration from. Luxury bedding should be at the forefront of your design ideas but remember, luxury does not always have to be expensive so set yourself a fixed budget and stick to it!

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