March makeovers using handmade soft furnishings

Last year we saw the increase in recycling and up-cycling and this year the trend continues to find its way into own homes. With the more adventurous turning broken electric whisks into lamp shades (or using working whisks to quickly knock out a fresh Victoria Sandwich cake due to the trend for home-made cakes and puddings) and display items to the continuing revival of hand-knits.

The make-do-and-mend culture during WWII and post WWII hasn't quite got us back to using powdered eggs to make cakes or using black paper to cover our windows, and yet with the current economic uneasiness the trend for people to be a little more frugal and a lot less wasteful has fast turned into an interior design trend in its own right.

You may not contemplate using second-hand curtains but you could make your own cheap curtains or blackout curtains by buying discount curtain fabrics online. Likewise, there's no need to sit for hours at your sewing machine to make your own bedding when there are plenty of quality duvet cover sets and bedding sets available online which are well within the reach of even the most limited of budgets.

Patchwork quilts are a good example of the current up and recycling trend, but if we're to be brutally honest how many people feel like sitting down during the evenings and at weekends to make a hand-made patchwork quilt? The truth is probably not that many – it's not that they don't want to make their own soft furnishings, it's down to time factor as we race around with our busy schedules many feel that their 'spare' time is better spent soaking in their new spa experience bathroom or at the gym.

Another reason could be that many younger people have never learnt the necessary sewing skills required to make their own curtains etc. Again manufacturers have come to the rescue and with the ability to buy just about anything under the sun on the internet, you can still have the home and hand-made look simply by clicking your mouse and waiting for your order to arrive.

For those who have wholeheartedly embraced the trend can be inspired by interior designers and from handy-craft people who are more than happy to pass on their skills via the web. With cheap curtain fabrics online and a little imagination you too could include one of this year's interior design trends in your home and save money!

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