Interior design ideas for children's bedrooms using grey

We end this week's mini-series by looking at grey colour schemes for children's bedrooms. This 'cool' colour bridges the gap between white and black and can make a real statement when highlighted by a bright accent, such as green, neon yellow, electric blue or hot pink. Once again white walls and flooring are used to create a contemporary styled bedroom, however, you could also use white as the base colour for a more traditional style and swap white flooring for wooden or even fitted carpets.

Use a variety of grey shades to create a monochromatic look – soft greys are perfect for pinks and favour girls while gun metal grey is the ideal partner for lime green or electric blue – favouring boys. Use plain beddingduvet cover setsgrey curtain fabric or curtains in grey to keep the contemporary feel, you can highlights of the accent colour for large floor rugs and perhaps bed cushions. Try not to use too much of your accent colour otherwise you run the risk of it becoming too dominant.

Pops or splashes of colour is chic and trendy, too much is overkill! As we seen throughout this week there are many different styles and colour schemes to use in children's bedrooms without having to use the colours which are typically associated with male and female genders. You also need to allow growing children to voice their opinions if you want them to be content with the colour of their room.

Don't forget children's curtains are fine for youngsters, but teenagers will much prefer cheap curtains which fashionably chic than 'lose face' with their friends! Likewise with bedding, let your child have a say and they'll thank you for it. Storage is also a necessity rather than a luxury – especially if you want to try and encourage your child to have some sort of order and tidiness in their bedroom.

Blackout roller blinds are ideal window dressing choices for children of all ages, and can be use as the sole window dressing, which in many ways gives a more masculine feel to the room, whereas blinds and curtain combinations lean more towards a femininity. With some fabulous colour choices for bedding, soft furnishings and widow dressings it's easy to create stunning children's bedrooms without having to spend a small fortune – which is great news for any parent!

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