Animal prints look amazing when used in the right connotation and situation. Use genuine hides if you don't mind, go for high quality faux if you prefer. Always opt for natural colours and patterns to prevent a tacky, cheap look. interior-brick-wall-Living-Room-Eclectic-with-animal-hide-rug-arch

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Animal hides are a great way to use fur without them looking tacky. Choose colours and patterns that blend with your décor and decorating motif. leather-fur-accessories-modern-interior-decorating-ideas-2

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Go for faux fur in neutral colours to get the look and be animal friendly. leather-fur-accessories-modern-interior-decorating-ideas-4

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Faux fur offer style, warmth and comfort, making them ideal for winter winter bedding. Little_Lamb_Bench_-_Ferguson_Copeland_2048x2048_grande

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Sheepskin makes a chic covering for a stool. hotzeeismaclaudyjongstrafurry500

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Choose a natural hide with long hairs to get a rough and rustic look. ee4e85c80deaa11746776a527e3697fb

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Scandinavians use fur to add warmth and style to their homes – replicate the look by using white or cream, go for high quality faux if you're against using real fur. hair-on-hide1

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Animal hide used to cover dining room chairs, seat and back, gives a modern look to older chair styles. Always go for genuine or good quality faux to prevent the chairs from looking tacky. 032513_Animals2

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Tribal and folklore are both hot trends; in these types of decorating schemes hides and fur can looking stunning. how-to-choose-wallpapers-animal-patterns-1


To get the look use animal skin prints for wall hangings and cushion covers. Stair-Runner2

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Use the natural pattern of animals to create a chic look that bodes well with contemporary décor.