How to re-vamp your bed room on a small budget

We all know that money is tight and yet that doesn't mean that your home has to suffer as a result. In fact keeping your home up to-date and in good order will be more cost effective that letting get to the point when the only remedy is a complete redecoration job. As bedrooms are our havens and sanctuaries it's one room that you should ensure gives you the feel good factor every time you walk into it.

There's nothing more demoralising than trying to relax and sleep in a room which you don't like! If your carpet is worn, stained or just out of fashion in terms of colour and pattern an inexpensive instant remedy is to use large rugs. Although you know that your old carpet is underneath at least large rugs will cover most of it, giving a colour boost and new texture to your bedroom. It's not as if you're actually sweeping anything under the carpet, merely giving it a new look!

You may not be able to afford a new bed-frame, but you can buy cheap bedding and even luxury bedding at discount prices. These will not only make your bed look fresh and new they will also give you the experience of new bedding against your skin, which will lift your spirits. Curtains are another great way to make a bedroom look newly refurbished.

Full length curtains are on-trend and if you can't find a colour to compliment the colour of your walls, white curtains are an ideal solution as they'll coordinate with any other colour. Click here to see our stunning range of white curtains. Soft voiles will add a touch of femininity to the room and are amongst the cheapest curtains available. The problem of too much light entering the room at night can easily be solved by using cheap blackout roller blinds.

Remember this is a re-vamp not a complete overhaul, so you can easily add soft furnishings, bedding and curtains over the course of a few weeks to help spread the cost. Look online for the best bargains, but don't compromise on quality because this could easily end-up as a false economy in the long-run. Choose a new colour or accent colour as this will automatically give a new look and feel to your bedroom. Add bed cushions or trendy bed runners to help bring a touch of luxury even if your budget is small.

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