Homemade comforts

Changing the cushions is the simplest way to revamp a room or old settee. You avoid dustsheets, brushes and paint, and if you go off the print you can use the material for something else, hide it in another room, or pop another cushion cover over the top.

You'll need to source inexpensive material. My top tips are off-cuts in fabric stores or Terry’s discount window curtains, which is very reasonably priced. If you pick up some off-cuts every time you pass a fabric shop, you'll quickly accumulate an eclectic mix of materials to do up your home.

What you need

Off-cuts of plain or patterned material, enough to cover your inner cushion Inner cushion, 40cm x 40cm Pins Ribbon A sewing machine or a needle and thread.

How long it will take

Up to an hour

What to do

1. Cut your material into three pieces. For the front of the cushion you need one square (44cm x 44cm). For the back of the cushion you need two rectangles (44cm x 30cm).

2. Pin the pieces together so that the two back rectangles slightly overlap to the front square piece of the cushion.

3. Stitch the material together.

4. Attach ribbon to each side of the split in the back to create a seal for the cushion (this is easier than adding a zip). Fold over the ribbon and pin it to the rectangular material, then stitch it on with the sewing machine. Do this with two bits of ribbon on at least two or three points on the cushion.

5. Insert the inner cushion and tie up the cover. Voila! You have a cushion with a cover that you can take off and wash or use elsewhere as you wish.

As you would expect from a company called Terry’s Fabrics, there is an awful lot of choice on offer. And whilst it all depends on your own personal style which fabrics you think are the best, below I’ve separated what I think are the best of them into style categories which will hopefully make choosing your fabric a little easier.

Eclectic- For mixed and matched, relaxed style you can’t go wrong with the Paddock style fabric. The simple, almost hand drawn coloured lines are playful and energetic and could be easily adapted to suit most interiors.

Period- Fans of Victorian and Edwardian interiors won’t go far wrong with the Carmen fabric range. The deep colours and traditional floral motif lends itself especially well to late 19th century design.

Country- The Amelia fabric range is just perfect for any rustic or country style home. Its nature inspired pattern and relaxed and jaunty style makes it the ideal choice when a little country charm is your aim.

Modern- Lovers of modern and minimal interiors will definitely take to the range of Pinot fabrics available now. Simple but tactile, this high sheen range comes in a variety of block colours and will add glamour and style to any modern sofa.


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