Give your home the luck of the irish

Bring a little bit of luck into your home this St Patrick's Day by adding some stylish décor that celebrates the occasion with touches of green and a little inspiration! Saint Patricks day clover themed mantle piece


A simple mantle display is a great way to celebrate without going OTT. Lucky clover hanging decorations

Home Seasons

Glass shamrock leaves will catch the light in a sunny window. A clover decorative hanging wreath


A wreath made from real shamrock is simply stylish. A green St Patricks day door wreath


A shamrock themed door wreath is a great way to show your neighbours you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day. White candle wrapped in green fabric


Give a plain white candle a green Leprechaun waist coat! Black wooden candelabras with a glass jar on top containing leaves


Black and green are winning colour combinations; if you can't find shamrock substitute with ivy, people will still get the drift of your St. Patrick's Day décor. A rainbow on a white wall, with wooden flooring


At the end of a giant rainbow wall mural is where you'll find a pot of gold!

A tea cup with a clover leaf pattern and cress growing inside it Pinterest

Be subtle and use a shamrock patterned cup and saucer to grow your own cress – it makes a delightful decoration in a kitchen or dining room. A small play house box with a small wooden fairy door and fairy model inside it

Dolly Dowsie

Children will love finding a fairy door under their bed! Purple fairy dust tipped out onto the floor

Fan Pop

Sprinkle fairy dust around your home as a trail for the kids to follow on St. Patrick's Day. Green footprints on a white tile floor

The Merry Thought

Or leave leprechaun footprints for them to follow!

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